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Guitar, Songwriting, Drawing, and Music MUSIC MUSIC!!!

Practicing a good GMC lesson whilst writing cool new riffs and licks for my projects.
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5 Jan 2008
When I clicked on one the videos in a lesson i was doing, that little window popped up and asked me for my password. Usually the password thingy is allready filled in and I just hit "ok" but now its not. I tried to type in my password and its not working and im almost 100 percent sure im typing in the right password.

Is there any way I can get my password back like on other sites when you give ur email address and it sends it to you? Otherwise, I can't see any other reason why this happening, unless there seems to be some kind of bug or glitch...

Help! --Tom
14 Nov 2007
So I downloaded reaper and have an amp to amplify my guitar, but I don't understand what I need to be able to play my guitar and have it directly flow into reaper. I have a Dell XPS so expect all the obvious plug ins are there. What I really need to know is what cords I need and where I have to plug them in so that I can get going with this.

If pictures are needed to better assess this problem (which I'm sure they are) don't hesitate to tell me before we get anywhere with this.

11 Nov 2007
I thought the series on Mixolydian soloing was great muris and a lot of those ideas ive found myself naturally incorpating into my own improvisations. My favorite and most comfortable mode to play in is the dorian mode, mostly because i love the feeling of a minor seventh chord. I'd really like to see a dorian soloing lesson because i think it would be beneficial to everyone whos interested to see how you approach this scale, both in style and technique.

Thanks again

27 Oct 2007
Hey muris,

I was wondering what would be the first two most important scales/modes to learn inside and out on the guitar. I'm already pretty versatile with major and minor pentatonics so for a while I've been practicing the Ionian mode's boxes up down the neck. I've kinda hit a brick wall though, I really dont know what scale is the best for me to start getting really comfortable with.

Besides pentatonics, whats the most important scale I should work on?
18 Jul 2007
I've been doing lots of GMC lessons lately and I feel like learning some new songs are due.

However I'd like them to be more metal related to practice more alternating Picking, sweeping, and right hand stamina.

Here's the catch, I want to start learning songs by ear. That is, transcribing them down in tab (or regular notation, i don't know which one is better) and thus learning them that way. I'm farely new at transcription so be gentle unsure.gif .

PS-for those who notate a lot- Tab or Regular Notation AND do any of you guys use software to figure out the shredding passages?
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