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Welcome to my page!
My name is Jordan Perks,
I obviosluy love guitar. Dream Theater and John Petrucci too.. I put up some photos- take a look if you want.
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Look forward to hearing from you :) !
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Dream Theater!!!!!
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Stella Artois
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and Guitar..... duh
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27 Oct 2009
Hey guys i've just got myself windows 7 64bit, which doesnt like my Pandora PX5d- so i decided to get myself a sound card and use the pandora just for practise instead of as a usb audio interface.

So is there anyone out there using windows 7 for recording? If so what card are you using (im looking for a pci card as opposed to usb) i was thinking about the emu 0404.

The microsoft website says that it is compatible for windows 7 64bit but i cant find andy details on the emu website that supports that claim

9 Jul 2009
Hey guys-

here's a question for the Pandora PX5D users (or anybody in the know about this), i usually record my guitar using the amp sims and effects on the pandora straight into my DAW but lately I've been trying out some plugins that id rather use for getting my sound-.

I know i can bypass the PX5D's amp sims and effects by holding the bypass button and monitoring through my DAW using whichever VST plugin for amp sounds- but im connected through USB and there is waaaay too much latency using this method.

So i was wondering is there a way i can monitor my playing through my PX5D using the onboard sounds whilst sending a dry signal to my DAW which i can then use whichever pulgins i like after recording?

There's always the option of just monitoring the dry, bypassed signal from the pandora, but its hard to feel the music for some cool rock solo with just the "twang" of an unprocessed signal hehe

6 Mar 2009
Two of my flatmates at uni (both drama students) have asked me to play lead guitar for a band for their musical this May- they caught me off guard, i was tired....hadn't even showered yet.....i might have said yes laugh.gif

Apparently this is the kind of thing i'll be expected to play (thats a clip from the show they will be performing), not terrible music and nothing challenging technically but for years i've really really disliked musicals will this be my biggest challenge yet?

...i'm thinking yes laugh.gif

However it goes i hope i can have a bit of fun with it, it should be a "different" experience- and maybe learn to like songs from musicals smile.gif
23 Oct 2008
Okay guys- i can hardly move from my bed and have had the flu for the best part of a week now and it keeps getting worse...(this is the second time i've had it since i started uni a month ago if you'll believe)

I can't play guitar- it just feels like a burden- but my brother said he'd pick up a movie for me from the store - thing is i really don't know what to ask him to get for me.

Can you guys recommend a hilarious movie to raise the spirits a little?

Much appreciated smile.gif
21 Sep 2008
...Before i move house.

(Who says these threads aren't funny anymore tongue.gif )

In just over an hour I'll be driving up to university and my new home biggrin.gif- Its a 3 hour drive from here (nice to get some distance for once hehe) and it's right by the sea- a really lovely place smile.gif

I'm real exited about it - can hardly sit still. The best part about it i guess will be the extended periods of guitar practise- that would usually be broken up by nagging parents making me do chores etc.

And ofcourse- i'll have internet connection so i'll still be frequenting GMC. (Phewww)

SO, everything else is packed- time to pack my PC, see you later guys!
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happy birthday man have a great one!
19 Jan 2009 - 14:56
I saw Dream Theatre and Opeth a few months ago here in OHIO! Great show! Goin to see Satch next month! :)
15 Sep 2008 - 13:47
I live near Pontypool
12 Sep 2008 - 19:39
To be honest I was hoping to get 2nd because of the theory books ;) I'm really getting into theory now... note need to update agenda... and I think they are going to help a lot.
27 Aug 2008 - 22:36
Congrats on the competition win man :) Very well deserved.
26 Aug 2008 - 19:33
Get to da chopper!
24 Jul 2008 - 5:26
I dont think you have watched enough youtube this weekend.
6 Jul 2008 - 12:25
Damn... I got Pwned again! I'm such a noob :(
22 Jun 2008 - 16:49
I know where you live as well O__O
22 Jun 2008 - 16:47
I know where you live 0__0
18 Jun 2008 - 8:15


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