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28 Apr 2012
Hi Guys,

So I am trying to practice this right hand bass technique where you play using three fingers. The idea is to lead with the ring finger, then middle then index. Then repeat. I guess it helps you with finger independence and playing with three fingers could be much faster than playing with two.

I based the left hand on the economy picking mechanics lesson and made a simple backing - might as well work on modes at the same time. I haven't gotten the hang of recording my bass yet so apologies for the clipping.

This is groups of three, the easier one to practice because you always lead with the same finger. Fours and fives etc are initially more tricky because leading with different fingers can feel weird.

I was going to post this in the rec but I can't work out how so here it is :

Attached is the backing (6/8 150bpm) if anyone's interested, I know us bass players are few and far between smile.gif

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Attached File  threenpsbass.mp3 ( 631.84K ) Number of downloads: 252
16 Apr 2012
Hey Ben,

Was wondering if you could do me a favor and recommend me a lesson? You have a reasonable idea of where I am and it's ages since I did a rec take.

Guitar or bass, I'm easy wink.gif


5 Jan 2012
Hi Ivan!

Was wondering if you could help me puzzle something out.
I am in the process of learning new scales at the moment - it's a bit hit and miss because I want to try and learn scales that will be useful to me but at the same time you don't know if they're useful until you know them... rolleyes.gif

So, I heard this solo recently which has the kind of sound I want to achieve - not necessarily the speed but the feel of this solo really appealed to me. That kinda fusiony thing that I can never quite put my finger on...

Would you be able to shed some light on what scales are being used here please? Just a general idea of how to achieve this sort of feel would be really useful.
I found a guitar pro file for the song too, the solo in the video is about 3:10 and starts at bar 76 in the guitar pro file. (the rest of the song is pretty crazy too) file removed

Thanks! smile.gif

3 Jan 2012
Hey Bogdan,

Thought I'd record some slap! I love the style and haven't touched the bass in some months so I could do with tightening up smile.gif

Hope you like it - will try some of your lessons soon.
21 Dec 2011
Hi Guys,

I was wondering if I could request a couple of lessons based on the David Walliman lesson found here :

This lesson has been so useful to me! I know I haven't mastered it yet but it has helped me learn all the modes of the major scale really well.

So I was wondering if you guys would create two follow up lessons, 1 based on the harmonic minor and 1 based on the melodic minor - both in a similar configuration - 3 notes per string, ascending through the different modes. Really fundamental stuff, the stuff warmups are made of.

Hopefully this will help me (and others) really get to grips with these shapes.

Thanks, looking forward to your responses. smile.gif

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