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19 Jan 2018
Dismissing the model like looks.
Another really creative musician with a handle on technology. Great vibe to her music, and impressive musicianship

13 Jan 2018
I'd not heard of this guy before but he is one of a kind as a musician. Steve Vai went to one of his live shows recently and said it blew his mind.

The guy's enthusiasm and understanding, ability etc for music is unbelievable.
9 Jan 2018
Browsing through the Reddit guitar sub, I'd forgotten about Marco Sfogli and how much I enjoy his technical but oh so melodic playing.

Definitely a Satriani vibe but that's no bad thing.

2 Jan 2018
After buying my Focusrite interface last year, every month or so Focusrite offer freebies to those who register the product.

Last month was Bias Amp LE and Bias FX LE

I downloaded and installed it but didn't do anything with it.

Yesterday I was thinking how my Axe Fx will be 10 years old this year and I have no back up rig when/If it every fails on me. So I start thinking of my needs, playing live and recording. Playing live I think I would go back to amp and pedals, for as much as I love the Axe Fx and all it can do, I think it has helped my understand what I actually like and use soundwise.

Recording is a different matter and having access to lots of amps and tones is always useful.

This brought me to trying out Bias, now I remember trying Line 6 podfarm years ago and feeling underwhelmed and whilst I'd heard demos of Bias by the likes of Lari Basilio I was still extremely impressed. I grabbed a JCM800 with a boost, overdrive , chorus, delay and reverb and with a couple small tweaks have an awesome lead tone.

I'm now setting up some recording patches in my axe fx that include a dry output 2 so I can record an Axe Fx track and a DI track to use with Bias.
28 Dec 2017
Ok so we all know. Start off slowly and bump the speed up once you can play it 3 or 4 times in a row without making a mistake.

I'm still trying to get through the 5 pentatonic shapes and 7 positions of 3 nps scales without making a mistake.

I've also noticed with the mandolin trying to get fiddle tunes down without a mistake is proving almost impossible.

Are my fingers just not doing as they are told? Is there something I'm missing when I practice? Is there a better way?

I'll never get up to speed in this lifetime at this rate.

I do think I spend too much time improvising, rather than playing/practicing set pieces which might be part of the issue. Even so there is still a fair amount of time working on scales and triads etc
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