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4 May 2017
Ed used to busk in Galway and as promised he came back to shoot the video for Galway Girl

30 Apr 2017
I heard an interesting piece of advice regarding learning pieces of music.

We all know about learning a piece in chunks one bar at a time, but I heard about learning it backwards, so you learn the last bar and then the 2nd to last and build the piece of music that way so your fingers already know what is coming next.

This is also used when learning a foreign language and learning the pronunciation of words where you start with the last sound and then the next until you have the whole word.

One thing I've found when learning from start to finish is that after working on a bar or two the last note seems very final as I've been practising it for some time that it's difficult to flow into the next note of the next bar.

Learning backwards should help with that as you will flow into a line that your fingers already know how to play.

If you don't like that and prefer going from start to finish you could always learn a bar or two BUT include the first note of the next chunk of music so your fingers can anticipate the next passage, this should also help avoid the problem with flowing.
22 Apr 2017
I noticed Kris was putting himself out there venturing into the jazz territory the other day.

The proffessor Matt Warnock has a very cool Play Jazz Guitar study group on Facebook where we are taking a Jazz standard a month and going over it from melody, rhythm comping and soloing. Matt is guiding us all the way through. I'm quite behind on this months tune but learning a lot and having fun!!

Kris (Admin) if this goes against the forum rules then please delete, I thought the focus was different enough from GMC that it wouldn't step on any toes.
20 Apr 2017
Here's a good bedtime read for everyone on effective practice, just substitute the work banjo with guitar!!!!
18 Apr 2017
I think I've changed my on the Ibanez Rg (once again)

I do want one but with the money I have to spend on music stuff I do prefer to buy things that will really add something different to my collection and my Tyler is more than enough superstrat and for the amount I use the bar on that I don't think a Floyd is a need at the moment.

However I have been toying with the idea of a mandolin, for a few reasons.
1, it will add to my country/Folk acoustic tracks,
2, it is portable and something I can take on travels easily
3, There is so much classical material out there for the violin which translates and will be a good reason to get reading music
4, Great alt and crosspicking practice which will help on guitar too
5, Andy Wood and Chris Thile

Oh and if I really feel the need I can go to the pub and join in a trad session here in Galway
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