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4 Jan 2017
One of my favourite bands Story of the year are currently recording their new album and have used Pledge Music to help fund it. Of course I pledged and now get to see video updates of the process.

Now it's probably part necessity and part technology but modern recording does lack the romance of recording records in years gone by.

The songs have had scratch tracks done and now each of the members are recording their parts in their individual home studios (except drums) guitars first, then bass, then vocals and last drums. The producer Aaron Sprinkles is in Nashville and gets the tracks via ftp and works his magic with reamping, adding any extras etc. He will be present for the vocal takes.

It doesn't seem like the old days of a group of friends (or people that hate each other) feeding off each other and making magic locked away in a studio for a few weeks or months.

Cost wise I'm sure this is so much cheaper and these guys aren't young anymore and have families, responsibilities and other things they have to do to make a living, even so it makes me a little sad.
13 Dec 2016
After posting up a few neck diagrams and tabs for people about certain things they were asking about like double stops and sequences, I thought it might be a good idea to have a sticky thread for things like this.
Something where a certain format for the subject was needed to keep some structure to it and so relevant information can be found or else it's not very usable.

or is there already a good place to post these?
27 Nov 2016
All these horrible nasty metal and hard rock musicians are so sweet to the kids
24 Nov 2016
I broke out my Rick Graham Legato workout course, and just like last time I tried it I struggled to even do anything sound remotely good with even the first warmup.

This time instead of just putting the guitar down and saying I can't do this I looked at what my problems were.

1. My little finger hammer ons and pulloffs are week and the finger isn't very controlled
2. A 2 tone reach is uncomfortable for me in 3rd position.

So I thought about it and decided to go all Todd Simpson on it and break it down and make a simple drill style exercise which focuses on improving these things

I started taking this 2 tone sequence, down the strings as shown and then back up, then moved it down a fret and repeat etc
So my hand is slowly stretching out, my pinky is getting a good work out.

I then did it for the other 2 common interval combinations Half tone/tone and Tone/Half Tone.

All to a metronome of course and if I do it all right I bump the bpm up!
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