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27 Nov 2016
All these horrible nasty metal and hard rock musicians are so sweet to the kids
24 Nov 2016
I broke out my Rick Graham Legato workout course, and just like last time I tried it I struggled to even do anything sound remotely good with even the first warmup.

This time instead of just putting the guitar down and saying I can't do this I looked at what my problems were.

1. My little finger hammer ons and pulloffs are week and the finger isn't very controlled
2. A 2 tone reach is uncomfortable for me in 3rd position.

So I thought about it and decided to go all Todd Simpson on it and break it down and make a simple drill style exercise which focuses on improving these things

I started taking this 2 tone sequence, down the strings as shown and then back up, then moved it down a fret and repeat etc
So my hand is slowly stretching out, my pinky is getting a good work out.

I then did it for the other 2 common interval combinations Half tone/tone and Tone/Half Tone.

All to a metronome of course and if I do it all right I bump the bpm up!
20 Nov 2016
Every once and a while there is something that happens that gets me really excited about guitar and even to the point that I get motivated to really focus on the arduous and repetitive slog of improving my technical skills on the fretboard
This interview with Daniele did that for me yesterday, I was listening whilst cleaning my kitchen and it just made me what to drop everything and grab my guitar and hit the woodshed.

He plays a Fender Strat and is playing through a Engl at low volume but still gets magic tone.

The first piece he plays with Jude is so technical and so beautifully musical I nearly cried
31 Oct 2016
I thought I'd start plotting out some pentatonic diagrams and overlay them with other handy information. Here's the start of my first idea Pentatonics with the diatonic triads overlayed.

The pentatonic scale is the clear circles, the triad note is a black circle if it is part of the pentatonic scale and a black square if it is an additional note. I've kept the notes to only the ones 1 fret away from the scale.

You can see the CAGED system in this

The 1st diagram showing the G shape
The 2nd diagram showing the A shape (minor)
The 4th diagram showing the C shape
The 5th diagram showing the D shape
The 6th diagram showing the E shape (minor)

Let me know if these are helpful and I'll post the other pentatonic boxes

29 Oct 2016
What is your best process for finding the sweet spot with pickup height.

My Tyler sounds great on the single coils but I'm not liking the bridge humbucker tone. I'm ok at adjustments that are clear black and white but when it comes to subjective things like tone etc I flounder.
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