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8 Sep 2018
hey guys I made this song/video, i thought it'd be interesting to make a metal song in standard tuning since i've been using 7 strings lately.
The intro riff ended up being in 15/4 which was a weird accident haha.
also got some clean vocals so you guys can laugh at me smile.gif
14 Jul 2018

so i got an Ibanez again since i missed it so much, only a 6 string this time so I used it for the leads. this is a full playthrough i did. Thanks for looking guys smile.gif
10 Jun 2018

sadly i don't have the ibanez anymore lol but I still came up with a new song with the old guitar smile.gif
31 Mar 2018
I recently got this guitar, i really like it. It's extremely versatile. Although here it showed more of it's evil sides lol but the cleans are actually one of my favorite parts!
23 Feb 2018
hey guys, so I've always felt like this site gave me a lot of knowledge, specially when I was first starting out, so I figured I'd share some of my knowledge that has helped me and might help some of you guys as well.It's about Super imposition. This concept really helped me expand my playing, specially if you're stuck in a rut it can make you see the fretboard differently/approach thing differently. I'll give one example that way you get the idea and can apply it to your own stuff.

lets say the Lydian Mode:
the main interval that makes this mode sound "special" is the #4/#11
so a good way to bring that out with the shapes you already know is using this concept.

lets say C lydian/ CDEF#GAB

if someone's playing a C maj7 chord you can play:
-major7 arpeggio up a 5th in this case Gmaj7(GBDF#) Against that Cmaj you're hitting the 5,7,9,#11 using just a simple maj7 arpeggio smile.gif!
-minor7b5 arpeggio up a b5/#4 in this case F#min7b5 (F#ACE) Against C maj you're hitting #4,6,R,3
-Dom7/Maj triad on the 2 in this case Ddom7 (D,F#,A,C) Against C maj you're hitting 2,#4,6,R

So basically what this is , it's just playing a chord/arpeggio with another chord to give you one big chord/tones.
you can Even play a Minor pentatonic on the Maj7 of the chord, in this case it'd be Bmin pentatonic.
Give those a try and it'll really open up your mind.
Hopefully this helps someone smile.gif been wanting to do this for a while and finally got the time to !
cheers guys
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I am really imprest how you play after 2 years !!MUCH RESPECT !
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