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3 Feb 2012
in the song Mississippi by Pussycat, which was on the Disco Rocket record by K-tel
a really long time ago, this album is often in second hand places.

they are using a wierd instrument cool.gif , not shown in other videos of this song,

in the above URL it is to be seen at 2:25 into the video and even more close up at 4:20,
the latter is being played with a revolver biggrin.gif

does anyone know what this instrument is?

are there any tutorials here on this?

can that sound effect be done with a guitar?

if you can do this with a guitar can you upload a video of that particular sound done in the song? smile.gif

I bought a "chromed steel slide" by Dunlop which allows smooth tone changes, but I am not sure
I can produce that sound.

(the song by Abba I am learning at the moment may well be what the DJ refers to at the start, Money Money Money!
which was around that time)

looking more closely it looks like it has 10 strings,
3 Feb 2012
Are there any battery powered valve guitar amps (with built in loudspeaker)? mellow.gif

if there are, whats the cheapest one?
22 Jan 2012

I have just installed PowerTab, tongue.gif

I need to convert classical notation to tab notation rolleyes.gif

with PowerTab I can convert tab notation to classical,
but I havent found how to convert classical notation to tab notation sad.gif ,
can this be done with PowerTab?

if not, is there any free software which can do this?

is there any commercial software which can do this?


to clarify a bit, I bought 3 books of music scores on Saturday,
in classical notation,

one is "Abba Gold" which is the Abba Gold music, with Abba copyright
ie it is the official transcription, I was thinking of playing "money money money"
but I'm not sure which octave the initial repeated chord is.
the start of the track plays a chord repeatedly, then plays the individual
notes of the chord in ascending order,

another is "The Gig Book" with 101 classic tracks by many authors
alphabetically arranged by song title, eg Vienna (which I think was by Ultravox),
Up where we belong, I Feel Good, God Only Knows, and endless
others cool.gif . It doesnt give the group names, but the authors names,

the remaining book is some childrens music, these are useful as they tend
to be easier to play and I already know what many should sound like, biggrin.gif

I think it is inadvisable to find transcripts from the internet, because of copyright
the stuff you find on Google tends to have been modified and isnt the correct
transcription! mad.gif

the shop I went to had the official transcription books for many music groups,
but the books also are expensive, probably because of the copyright costs.
The Abba Gold book cost 15 quid.

they had some books with tab notation, but all the ones I found didnt have
too many scores.
13 Jan 2012
Hi, as I havent learnt to play chords yet, I was wondering if any piece of

music that involves chords can be played with each chord replaced

by some ordinary note cool.gif

or can a chord note only be done with the chord's group of notes played

simultaneously? mad.gif

if each chord can be replaced by an ordinary note to achieve

the same tune how is that done?

do you replace by the chord by say the deepest note of the chord? biggrin.gif
13 Jan 2012
Hi, I am new to the forum and new to guitars, I bought a cheap tongue.gif electric guitar

in December with the intention to buy a better quality one once I

understood better what features to go for cool.gif and when I have more funds rolleyes.gif

I am teaching myself to play the electric guitar using material here

at GMC. Before moving to more advanced stuff such as chords mellow.gif

I would like to learn to play some music which just utilizes ordinary

notes, ie no chords, no bends, no pull offs, etc biggrin.gif

I dont know my way around the forum and may even be posting in

the wrong forum tongue.gif , but I know GMC has a lot of example music uploaded.

Can people direct me to specific examples of music in tab notation

which only use ordinary notes. If you know the example to be entirely

in some specific scale please point this out smile.gif

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