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23 Apr 2014
Original lesson: Bending from Outside Notes: Marty Friedman Style by Ben Higgins

Here's my take on Ben's outside bending lesson. Been away from the REC for a while so looking forward to getting a little more consistent here. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

4 May 2013
Original lesson: Songwriting Lesson by Piotr Kaczor

Here's my take on one of Piotr's classics. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

1 Apr 2013
Hey guys, I have a notoriously tough time really applying myself to focused practice on individual skills but I have made the conscious decision to bear down and improve my alternate picking speed. As I try and bump up my lesson difficulty I noticed that I have hit a speed wall and while I may be able to play the majority of the lesson, I can't complete many anymore due to small sections with speed bursts.

I realize that working on patterns with a metronome is a way to go about it but I was wondering if anybody had any methods that were a little more engaging and I guess, more fun to play. I know there are a lot of speed demons on here and I was just curious what worked for you guys to get yourself through that wall. Thanks in advance!
14 Dec 2012
Hey Ben, and fellow Bushido'ers!

I really hate this but I will be down and out for a bit. I was running Guitar Rig on an old iMac and the computer just literally died the other day. I can't get the OS to load so I can't even get it to start up anymore. It is about 8 years old but damn, I've never had one single issue with it. This pisses me off because I was actually making some real personal progress and then boom...

I'll use the time to do some metronome work ( mad.gif ) until I get back up and running. I know you guys don't need a life report from me but I saw Zoom is our new Donut King (congrats!) so I will be working on that and I remembered I still owe Degroot his task as well, just might be a little while before I can actually post videos or audio.

And of course there's a Schwarzenegger collab while I'm down. ohmy.gif I don't remember the deadline but I'm hoping to slip back in in time for this.
14 Nov 2012
Original lesson: Tool Style Lesson by Joe Kataldo

Here's my take on this Tool Style lesson. The Bushido course got me in the mood for some heavier stuff and I've been listening to Tool a lot lately so I did a search, and sure enough, there was one. REC take #20 by the way!

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Hey Greg! Love seeing your REC takes. I love your style. Keep it up, your a great inspiration!
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Todd Simpson
Glad you made it out to the Chat! See you Saturday for more! :)
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