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45 years old
New York
Born Feb-22-1976
I play 6-string bass, mostly at the hobby level now, but I have been in a few bands.I started playing when I was 13 (wow so many years ago!) Joining GMC was due to a decision I made to play more guitar-style riffs and solos on bass (I suppose that makes me a anti-traditionalist) My style and influences range, but they definitely remain within the metal arena. I don't get to play in a band setting often, nor am I able to practice as often as I should due to my career in the funeral industry which takes up a lot of my time
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22 Jan 2015
Hello. So one of my favorite styles of music to listen to is 20th Century classical, ie Bela Bartok, Stravinsky, Mario Cesa, etc. One of the tools the use is the 12-tone system of arrangement, which, well just isn't catchy at all. Yet I love the sound! I've been searching for instruction and technique for 12-tone serialism and I understand it but I don't know how people remember how to play it. There's no hook, no verse or chorus to relate it's just an orgy of notes flying all over the place. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any pointers on how to memorize this type of music? If I'm consigned to just listening to it, I'll be fine but I wouldn't mind flavoring my own music with it either. Thanks.

ps - I found this too...

23 Mar 2014
I realize the 7 and 8-string guitars aren't a new concept. Lutes, ouds, and all sorts of ancient and/or eclectic instruments have been around for ever. look! here's one now...

14 Jun 2013

Hello GMCers,
my name is wayne and I'm a bass player. my background is mostly pretty metal but i'd like to start branching out into the world of jazz. or more to the point, i'd like to play What a Wonderful World for my fiance on our wedding day (in September). i've included a link that i've found very helpful in learning the chord, melodic, and arpeggiated aspects on the song. but what i'd like to do - and i'm not fluent in music theory enough to do it myself - is to combine the 3 for solo bass. would any of the awesome guitar instructors out there be willing to help out a bass player in need? i'll be playing this on a 5-string acoustic bass but maybe just keep it on the E, A, D, G strings since those are the strings both guitars and bass have in common. please and thank you to any instructor up to creating this custom lesson (which im sure will be fun and useful for everybody)
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