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6 Feb 2009
So I decided to upload this basicbasic blues thingy... I don't exactly know why blink.gif
I played all the instruments myself,

Bass guitar: ------------ With my guitar and "gtrbas" effect that makes it sound like a bass etc..
Drums: ----------------- I've got digital drums or whatever they're called.. Yamaha DTXplorer, I believe
"Background guitar":--- Obviously with my guitar D:
Solo guitar: ------------- ...Yup yup...

Especially the beginning isn't good at all, neither is the pause in the middle, I did the whole thing in 1 hour so I blame "the rush", and only one take for the soloing...

The solo guitar... I don't think it has too much of personal style, more like any joe-the-average could have played it :S

Soo, tell me what you think. laugh.gif

EDIT: I realized how bad it was, so I deleted the file.. I think I'll upload a new one shortly
31 Mar 2008
So.. I've been in GMC for.. Just a little less than year, I joined at 14th April 2007. Ever since, I have been here nearly every day.

So now I wanted to thank All the instructors, THANK YOU!
I'm Amazed how much better I am compared to myself 1 year ago.


As I somehow have missed the whole community thingy, I feel like I should finally introduce myself:

Hey, I'm Teemu, from Finland

I got my first guitar, Squier Strato standard, as a birthday present when i turned 10 years. For about 3 years I didn't really play at all, then, summer break came and I finally got motivated to really start playing.. guess what, the motivation was... Girls! laugh.gif
(I don't need any motivations anymore, other than guitar playing itself. But if I ever feel like stopping, I know where to seek for reasons to continue tongue.gif )

I found this site when I saw Kris's tapping thingy at Ultimate-Guitar. I checked one.. two lessons... and BOOM I saw "Metalhead Solo Lesson" thanks Walliman, for that life changing lesson biggrin.gif
and guess what (again).... I joined.

Now when I think about all the money I've spent for the membership... There is no way I could have spent it better smile.gif

Nowadays I play with my John Petrucci Signature Series thingy.. OLP. with pickups changed to two dimarzios, Air norton at the neck and X2N at the bridge. Axtech combo thingy as an amplifier, don't know more specifications.
and Digitech RP350 multieffect.

I hope I see you at the forums (I'm also interested in seeing myself there tongue.gif )
28 Mar 2008
So I'm at 9th grade (15 years old) and going to high school(guess its called that?) next year, and i wan't to amaze some lower graders before changing the school biggrin.gif .

So my problem is that I don't know what to play. It should be relatively easy to sing so "hiring" the singer would be a lot easier. Even better if the song could be played instrumentally, no need for singer at all. tongue.gif

I can play stuff here at GMC up to "skill level" 6.. and sometimes if I work a bit harder --> up to 7. Hopefully that tells whereabouts my skill level is.

Please help me tongue.gif
(and hopefully I made this topic thingy to right place)
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Whooops, sorry for the triple post now lol :P
Congrats again xD
22 May 2008 - 19:12
Congrats on your 16th birtday :D I turned 16th on the 21st may :P
Let's drink looots of Beer now xD
22 May 2008 - 19:11
Congrats on year 16th birthday :D I turned 16 the 21st may :P
Let's drink looots of Beer now xD
22 May 2008 - 19:10

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