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6 Aug 2012
Hey guys, im looking for an antique metronome to buy! Ive seen ones from 1815-1846 on ebay but ive been looking for ones with classical era looking patterns and things like that to no avail. (i've seen them on google images)

anyone know any antique websites or something where i might be able to find a sexy looking old style working metronome?

Also, anywhere where i can find someone to build a custom metronome? Maybe a clock maker?

any help would be awesome!

Ahhh i love metronomes. click click click click, and then there was order.

28 Jul 2012
Hey guys, anyone know how to make videos with the split screen so you can do harmony parts / rhythm and lead?

Would i video myself recording the 2 parts, then use a program to splice the audio and the 2 video sections together? Also any good free programs to do this?

24 Jul 2012
Hey! What i mean is, for example, last year when i started to kick up my guitar playing i was learning a bunch of solos from the Kee Marcello instructional, I really loved his wide vibrato, so I would slow the video down to 50 percent...25 percent...10 percent JUST to hear EXACTLY how it sounded, (I suppose being hunched over with my ear pressed to a speaker whilst listening to a track at a bullet time speed over and over again would look pretty "crazzzzzy")

Anyone done anything to the excess that would look crazy to a non musician? (or musician)

24 Jul 2012
Hey folks, anyone know any metronome timing games? One that I've been doing is setting 4 bars of click on guitar pro, then one bar of rest and tapping different rhythms/playing exercises over it, gradually decreasing the 4 bars of click to one and the bars of rest to 4.
Its been a sad realization and frustrating at first for me, but you get the hang of it fairly quickly and improve!

Anyone know any other fun ways of using a metronome/improving your natural sense of time?

21 Jul 2012
Hey there, being self taught, I never really took much notice of theory, I don't read music, but thought It could be very beneficial at the very least knowing all keys very well.

At the moment, I go through each key in the circle of 5ths, in this system

- memorizing the Major/relative minor triads for each key, (Ex, C E G, A C E, G B D, E G B, etc)
- Outlining 3 Major/Minor triads on the EBG string and 3 Pentatonic patterns that sits over them
- Playing the Seven 3 note per string patterns up the fretboard and down (And also doing Permutations..or "Shredmutations" (3s, 4s, 3rds, etc) )
- assortment of horizontal shred lines on the B and E strings
- E string horizontal lines
-playing through and finding different harmonic minor patterns to use
-Playing through triads systematically with the root on the B string (ex--C Maj and D min>-)


-Diminished "Malmsteen sweep pattern" up and down the neck
-Knowing what sharps/flats are in each key, Example, G Major/e minor has F#, etc.

I wrote this up myself using other players methods as a skeleton.

Would anybody have an opinion on this method? It is very much personally catered to me and styles that i enjoy so keep that in mind.
I do see lots of ways of expanding it when i REALLY have it "pat down and in the bag" but I wonder if there's something simple that could be adjusted/introduced

Cheers in advance!

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