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28 Oct 2013
Hello guys,

I would be happy to have your feedback, your advice/criticize on the last composition I've just made this week end.
It is a kind of a jazzy/dark/weird ballad. I can't give you a style, as it is an original output of my weird harmonical brain. It is the first song I compose that is not metalish.

Here it is :

Attached File  solo_1113_5_1_.mp3 ( 9.27MB ) Number of downloads: 114

I would appreciate all kind of criticize, especially on the structure of the song. Feel free to tell what you think, that's what I am looking for!

See you guys. Thanks in advance!

22 Sep 2013
Hey guys,

I have composed a song over the last few days. It's a metal song.
It's only a draft, don't pay attention to the recording quality, mix, settings and so on...

I think I begin to have my own style, and succeed in making a structured and non-too-much-repetitive song (which was one of the main points I wanted to improve). I am quite satisfied with that one, but I am looking for advice!
I would really appreciate having your feedback on the composition in itself, the structure, etc... Don't hesitate to criticize, that's what I am looking for!

Thank you in advance!

Here is the last version :
Attached File  compo_02132_2109_5.mp3 ( 16.86MB ) Number of downloads: 134

22 Sep 2013
Hey there,

I am kind of struggling to find a good, efficient and simple virtual instrument bass. I need it to make draft of compositions and I don't want it to be a "mother of god sounding bass".
I currently use Nexus VSTi, with guitar pack, but it doesn't sound that great.
Virtual bassist doesn't work on my computer for some reason...

What VSTi do you guys use for Bass ?


3 Jul 2013
Hello everybody,

Better late than never, as we say...
I am on GMC since October 2012, and I didn't present myself. I KNOW, I AM A JERK. First of all I would like to sincerly apologize for that, it got out of my mind totally!

Ok, there...
I am Arthur, I live in Paris, France. I am 23 year old, and currently working.
I have been playing the guitar for... it will be my 7th year in September. Oh god how time is going fast!!

Ok let me introduce how I started guitar. I want to share it because I love that story smile.gif
One day I was at my cousin's, and we got to one of his friend's house. There were two guys, with electric guitars. First time in my life I saw an electric guitar. Before that, it was science fiction for me! They were really of a nice level. And by chance, they played one of my favorite band songs at the time, Children of Bodom. I was littelarly amazed by the performance. Dat sound, dat power. I was astounded by the ability to PRODUCE music. However, I never thinked of starting playing the guitar, because I wasn't felling capable of at all...I wasn't very self confident at that time.
It was a period I started to think about myself a lot, and question my life. It appeared that I hadn't done anything particular in my life. I sucked at school, it didn't interest me. I didn't have any hobby. I was a geek, playing hours a day of massive multiplaying games. All the year long...
One day, maybe after some weeks or months, I had a dream. That dream. In this dream I found a 5€ bill. With it I decided to buy a guitar. I bought one, and it was AWESOME. I can't remember the dream because it was quite a long time ago. However I remember the intensity of the feeling and emotions I had upon awakening. I hadn't thinked of buying a guitar before this dream. When I woke up, I was decided to buy a guitar. My choice was instantaneous upon waking up.
Then in sold my account on that game I was playing, and I could afford a guitar.

This dream and as a consequence my choice of starting playing music has a strong meaning for me. Nothing in life happen randomly to me. I am so glad I took decision. I love music and I love guitar. It has littelarly changed me. I gained a lot of self confidence, I even started working hard at school...

So it's been 7 years, and I am as grateful as before, or even more. I love music more and more. The work/result, the creativity, the uniqueness of ones skill/music is what makes music a drug for me. I think it will be an important part of my life, for the rest of it!

Sorry for the long story but I like it a lot smile.gif

More concretely, I am a huge fan of metal. I love melodical and technical stuff. My main influences or favorite bands are Veil of Maya, Jeff Loomis, gorod, daath, gojira, obscura, opeth, symphony X, periphery... To name a few.
I like also other styles like jazz, fusion, which I love combined with metal.

My playing is quite oriented exclusively metal. I try to reach a certain level of shred. I am happy with my current level, however I have much improvement to make, and I am super-motivated.

I planned objectives, and I try to stick to them, and practice methodically. I am very happy to be part of that community. First there is a very complete set of exercice/licks in every style/technique I will ever need, which is really helpful. Then I like the fact that it is not an impersonnal kind of courses. There is a kind of familly relationship between instructor and student which I appreciate much. You instructors are really here to help and happy to do it, it is a pleasure to come and ask questions. Sincerly.

I started a "private custom course" with Cosmin, and I am very happy with it. Altough it is only the beginning, it helps me keeping my motivation at the highest, and having customed advice is very efficient. Let's keep on ! I'm here bro!

I have had a youtube channel for a while. I like to learn and cover solos. Making videos makes me focus on mastering enough the part to show it to others. It makes me focus on practicing enough, I don't like half-nailed-half-shity cover!
Here it is :

I am also into composition for a year. I don't do it a lot since I prefer practicing, in order to reach a level where I'll be able to create what I like. I have composed several songs with a friend of mine, pianist.
Here is our first song:
It am quite happy with it, but it was recorded with my old stuff. Digital amp simulation... which sound pretty noisy.

And that one :
It is only a draft, don't judge the quality of the playing or the sound... I recorded it quickly.

So, there is my "little" presentation.

I am really glad to be part of that community.


11 May 2013
Original lesson: Oriental Jazz by Vasilije Vukmirovic

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