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23 Dec 2012
I gotta do this. And please bear with me if I jump around.

I guess I might be considered an intermediate guitarist. Certainly not a beginning. Or maybe I'm a beginning bordering on intermediate? IN any case, I'm not bad but it's that I bore myself after two minutes and start sounding the same. sad.gif Needless to say I get frustrated by my lack of progress. Oh, I have some chops. Plus a ton of instructional books/DVDs, I belong to a couple different guitar instruction sites, (like this one), I have tons of solos in tablature, I know some theory (That is, I know what an interval is, triads, arpeggios, scales and modes.), I have written out tons of stuff on neck diagrams adn the different modes and their degrees. And I love the Aeolian mode (of which I can also play the Minor pentatonic and blues scale). However, I don't' even yet have the CAGED system and the minor/major pentatonic scales associated with the chord shapes down yet. But I don't want to. It bores me. (But I would probably enjoy learning them if I knew where I could find solo ideas from each of the shapes. I bore myself trying to make up my own. sad.gif )

Okay, and then there is this. I'm lost when it comes to chord changes and making up stuff that doesn't sound like the stuff I played three minutes ago. sad.gif

For example. Take this progression. Am, Dm, E. Now I'm fairly sure that if the chords were A, D, E it would be a I IV V progression. But what type of progression would a Am, Dm E be?

Okay, cue my Band In A Box. Now I know I can use the A Aeolian (or A Dorian, A minor Pentatonic or A Blues scale), over the Am chord (and I know why the notes work) but when it gets to the Dm do I simply stay in the A Aeolian mode but switch my emphasis to the notes that make up the Dm chord? Or what? What other options are there? And when the progression goes to the E, I'm fairly sure I can use the E major pentatonic, the E mixolydian and/or the E Harmonic Minor. Right?

Okay, having said all that, now what? There are just so many instructional videos and soloing ideas here I really don't know where I should start at. And I have this problem of having too many irons in the fire in that when I do I get overwhelmed and frustrated. Thus, I'd like to know some sort of starting point but not something that might bore me. As Some sort of starting point here which I can progress from and KNOW that I'm progressing.

Your thoughts/ideas are needed! (Please be nice to me sad.gif )



P.S. I'm 61 and have been playing guitar forever. It's quite embarrassing. I know I have NO speed so I have to concentrate on being more melodic.

P.P.S. I hope this all made some kinda sense.
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