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30 years old
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Portsmouth / Kent, UK
Born May-12-1988
Music; System of a Down, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soulfracture - Mainstream or not, I can appreciate it.

Guitarists; Paul Gilbert, Shawn Lane, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Rusty Cooley, Michael Romeo - Anything melodic shred.

Movies; Donnie Darko, Pan's Labyrinth, Silent Hill, Lord of the Rings - Anything poetic.

Other; Computers, Gaming, Alcohol.
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6 Sep 2007
Hi there GMC,

I have 3 Ibanez electric guitars I'll state the problems with each, and any advice you guys could give would be appreciated. (If I'm just being fussy let me know tongue.gif)

Ibanez VBT700:
The action was set up medium/low from the shop ( How low is low before I get fret buzz?
The tone pot came loose recently so when I turn it it feels really loose. How can I stop this / fit it back in?

Ibanez IC200:
There's crackling when I turn the tone pot. How easy is this to get rid of?
The action is really high. Again how low is low before I get fret buzz?

Ibanez EX360:
The input jack is temperamental.
The volume pot crackles.
The 5 way switch often needs fiddling with to 'select' a pickup.
There isn't enough output - even with a Seymour Duncan Invader. (It sound comparable to stock - it's a regular pickup not designed for tremolo systems. This shouldn't make a difference right? Would I just need a volume pot?)
The tremolo system (Ibanez TRS Trem is all it says) is really stiff. It's also really noisy when I bend it like it creaks like hell. Is it possible to oil this or something?
I know how to set up the action but the screws are just too tight. What should I do?

I dunno sometimes I feel like guitars are too much work to keep sounding/feeling at their best.
25 Apr 2007
Hey guys,

I've been playing guitar for 2 years next month, I live in England - going to university in Portsmouth (studying my first year in BSc Computer Science). Obviously I'm here because I enjoy playing guitar too -what can I say I'm an Ibanez freak.

I had my first Ibanez given to me by my uncle a white Ibanez EX360 with an original floyd rose in all its glory. I have a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge, middle and neck are stock. Tuned to Drop C with 12s.

Last year I got an Ibanez IC200 (the Iceman) in a varnished dark brown where you can see each individual grain of the wood. Stock pickups but I'm considering putting a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge position. I think it'd be worth it. Strung with 10s yet I go from Standard to BEADF*B tuning with this beast.

My newest member of the family arrived on Monday, an Ibanez VBT700 - a jet black mahogany flying V with set-in neck, through body stringing, and Dimarzio D'Activator pickups stringed perfectly with 9s D'addarios.

Well... I think that about covers it. Any other questions I'll be willing to answer tongue.gif.

I look forwards to shredding with you guys!
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