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16 Aug 2007
After I play for a while my strings detune and they all go sharper than they were.
Shouldn't they go flat? Because of 'stretching' them a little. Or (at least) shoudn't some go flat and some sharp?
But these strings go sharper by approximately the same amount each.
9 Aug 2007

I haven't been practising a lot lately (due to my wrist; I also have a little pain in my back, but that's for the complaint post dry.gif ) but still my left hand fingers feel a little awkward. Like right now I'm not using my index to type.
Also I did strength exercises for my fingers with this rubber ring (kinda like the grip master) for a few days about a week or two ago. I didn't exaggerate and nothing was wrong then.

Now, the thing is that it's not painful. But the fingers, especially the index finger, feels a little swollen when I make a fist (or even when my fingers are half an inch away from the palm - making a fist). If you look really hard you can see that it's a little bigger.

So is this something to be concerned about, or is this just my muscles building up? unsure.gif

Because I would say that it's just my muscles, but it feels bloated. So maybe it's because my muscles are so strong they got too big for my fingers. cool.gif wink.gif
6 Aug 2007
Inspired by this post (Gear), I thought it would be nice to also have a post like this.

Well, the truth is, I just wanted to know what do you use for your metal parts (naphtha, petroleum jelly?) and if you use something special to lubricate them (like graphite) and which metal parts you lube. smile.gif

Anyway, tell us what kind of cloths, polishes etc. are you using on your guitar(s). Also describe the part that you're cleaning (like: for my plastic neck I use a porcupine wink.gif , a more serious example: for my rosewood fretboard - flaxseed oil) and you don't have to tell us if your frets are jumbo or not because it's not related (in Pavel's words - ''who cares'') to whether you're using steel wool (different types have numbers I think) or not.

Don't be shy..
29 Apr 2007

I have trouble reaching some or most of fret positions. Like when I'm somewhere near the head (wider frets) I push down a string with my index finger and it's difficult to reach the neighboring fret even with my little finger. When I try to make that one-fret-per-finger rule work, I can do it, but I have to move slightly (half an inch, a centimeter). I hope this is okay? Will this improve in a while, or should I work on this separately?

And because I have trouble reaching the fret positions when I move my fingers apart and put then on the frets, they come down at an angle. The left side (looking from a position where the palm is facing me) of the index finger and the right side (looking from the same position) of the pinky are touching down the string. The middle finger and the ring finger don't really have that angle, but the other two do. And because I used the index finger a little more than others, I'm starting to get thick skin there, but only on half of the fingertip. I mean the other half of the fingertip is a lot less thick. And the angle is around 45°.
I saw that others have just a little angle. Should I continue practicing this way? And stretch my fingers? Not practice like this, practice with moving on the fretboard more until I can reach it properly? blink.gif
29 Apr 2007

My guitar detunes really fast, after playing it for a short period. sad.gif I don't know how old the strings are because it's a new guitar, but I know that other same models stay in tune for a long time.
So, I was wondering it there is any other reason for detuning besides old strings? And I don't think it's because the strings aren't stretched, though I'm not sure how much pressure should I apply when stretching. But I do clean the undersides of the strings after playing, would that be enough to stretch them?
I just don't want to change the strings if I don't have to and if it's not going to make this problem go away (floating bridge). And I do tune up not down.

GMC rocks!
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