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23 Mar 2010
Hey guys, recently ive started writing a bunch of post-rock stuff (just after a friend suggested i wasn't too bad at it) My problem is I only listen to a few post-rock bands and I need more inspiration! biggrin.gif

At the moment I listen to:
God is an Astronaut
Explosions in the Sky
This Will Destroy You
Sigur Ros
The Album Leaf
Do Make Say Think
65 days of Static
God Speed You! Black Emporer
If these Trees could Talk

Any Recommendations!?

also if you have time if you could check out some of my work and tell me what you think I would appreciate it smile.gif
22 Mar 2010
I don't know too much about the other bands on God of War III but I was super excited to hear the singles by Opeth and Dream Theater.. only to be a little bit let down.. what is everyone elses opinion. I expected something super heavy from Opeth and what i got was an average accoustic track. And then on the other hand i thought the Dream Theater track was sick but just not.. very dream theater haha(it is awesome though). Thoughts.. opinions?
11 Sep 2009
Im not sure if their are any doctors or nurses on GMC but its worth a shot. The past week ive been dry coughing from my throat to the point that ive barely been able to sleep. Im light headed my vision is fuzzy i can hardly walk to my kitchen. On top of this i have a fever which is on and off. sometimes ill be a reasonable temperature 2 minutes later ill be sweating buckets. I called a nursing hotline who said bedrest and fluids so i haven't left bed for the past 2 days. Then when i did leave bed i ended up passing out in my bathroom so i went to the hospital who also said i was fine. This cough is immune to cough syrups and neocitran so it would seem. The only way i was able to sleep was to actually put a cough drop in my mouth and sleep on my stomach. Anyone experienced anything similar to this? The most inconvient symptom is the light headidness and lack of energy. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! If not ill just continue to lay in bed and drink water until it goes away.


20 Aug 2009
Ive... lost.. two of the ferrules from my schecter.. to buy them i have to order them from America and ship them here.. so for 2 little ferrules i end up playing about 30$. None of my local shops carry them, and to order and install them my local shops will end up charging me more than 30... what can i use a substitute for ferrules.. or does anyone know how i can order these from Canada?
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