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17 Oct 2013
I've had trouble with picking for as long as I can remember, where as legato came very easily to me. Most of my guitar heroes have been people who are really solid alternate pickers but no matter how hard I practice I make no progress. On the flip side, I can practice any other technique and have a lot of progress. There's just something about alternate picking I can't get! No matter what I do my right hand just feels awkward and clumsy. I feel maybe my right hand technique is the problem. I play with my palm resting (not anchored to the bridge and my pinky fingers resting (again, not anchored, they both move a bit when I change strings) on the body below the bridge pickup.

Oddly enough I can play triplets at 130bpm and it's quite clean, but the whole time my right hand feels very awkward and like I'm using up a ton of energy for every stroke, despite me always focusing on being relaxed and making very small movements. I should also note that I have no problem tremolo picking at high speeds for extended periods of time (very accurately in time with specific note groupings, note just a mush of fast picking), but I'm using a different technique for that that I see a lot of people use for trem picking, and NOT for alternate picking.

Here's some video of my technique, can anyone help me out?;v=ZmAsM3PYh4M

It has honestly gotten me so frustrated. I'm such a calm person and I rarely get angry, but alternate picking always gets me frustrated, despite my immense patience for practicing any other technique, and my experience with how to properly practice techniques and get them up to speed.
5 Jun 2013
I'm having trouble with my pick moving around when I'm trem picking. My trem picking is tight and accurate, but after a short period of time I find the pick has moved far into my hand and I have less and less of the tip sticking out. I'm using the Dunlop Max-Grip Jazz III's.

Any thoughts on this? I don't want to grip the pick too hard because that just stiffens up my whole arm and to me feels like too much unnecessary tension.

EDIT: Here's a video of me demonstrating the problem. Forgive the poor trem picking example, but what's important to note is the pick's position before I play, and the pick's position after I stop playing. Give the video a minute to process.
31 May 2013
At the request of Todd, thought I'd post an NGD of my new RG7421. This one's for you Todd! biggrin.gif

I know you've all seen a black RG before, but pics anyways - story at the bottom.

So I just traded in my RG7321 plus a small bit of cash for a '99 MIJ RG7421!! It's in near mint: little to no fret wear, no buckle rash, only one small ding by the pickup selector, no dents or chips, immaculate, really. I can't thank you guys enough who recommended I upgrade to this before buying a high end 7, it plays great and stays in tune extremely well, I'm floored at the difference between this and my 7321 - and I had a really nice one! Gonna set it up, put in a DiMarzio Crunch Lab/Liquifire set and slap some much thicker strings on it tonight before I play a big 2-day metal festival tomorrow with my band - super stoked!!

So yeah. Y'know, djent, thall and stuff. laugh.gif
30 May 2013
What do you guys think of the latest addition to the digital rackmount processor market? My teacher did a demo of the unit and posted it up, so I thought I'd share. For the price I think it sounds pretty good ($1,400), but not sure about how well it will compete, especially considering I've never heard of them.;v=PRP8uxhdNWA
27 May 2013
I wrote a small article on my website about putting together a home studio on a budget, thought maybe it could help a few people out since I've had quite a few questions about my setup and have had a lot of conversations on here with regards to beginner's guides to home studios.

Let me know if you have any questions!

In the meantime, who here has a home recording setup? What do you use? Post pics if you can. smile.gif
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