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14 Dec 2018
Never liked it to be honest smile.gif

Cause I guess its quite the opposite of "creamy" when you think distortion, bad examples are harsh so no wonder there are so many trying to get that sound for so many years.

I was testing some amps in the gt-1 to figure out which can take the drive I want, the evh was one of the amps that stood out. So I started messing with the eq's, comparing with other amps and noticed there was quite versatility to its eq's. Making a muddy sound bright is very hard but the opposite is much easier, this in mind the evh shined.

Normally I like thicker (more low-mid.s) but with enough higher-end freq response (driven marshall) but the usual problem with that is the lowest strings tend to get lost in the mix, you might have noticed that in albums/concerts. The EVH has lowered low-mid.s so these strings can be heard quite easy, then you start cutting the highs and adjust level till everything sits.

Currently fine-tunning as I'm trying to get an easy to adjust tone for any sort of backing track, but if one want to give it a try with their processor it might be worth it. Don't forget to adjust the output for every change of the amp eq, its very mid-centric amp eq so you might feel lost pretty easy if you don't adjust the output constantly.
12 Dec 2018
The demo video shares a download link for the backing track. After downloading that, copy the youtube link and paste to so you'll download a higher quality mp3.

Paste the 2 tracks to your DAW and 1 track for yourself. You can create your own solo tone by inspiring (no need to aim for exact) from the one from the video. Try keeping the balance of the backing and your solo volume similar (again doesn't have to be exact) so that volume difference won't fool your ears.

It might help if you feel you're not getting 100% of your rig or plug-in, goal is to explore your gear so enjoy and share a sample if you'd like to smile.gif

10 Dec 2018

When looking for free cab. ir's the options/suggestions are almost endless, add the amp eq factor and you might spend a lifetime searching for the right one.

This freeware Marshall 1960A-Celestion G12M-25s bundle isn't new but is highly respected among guitar players. The typical amp for it is a Marshall plexi but with some eq adjustments can handle mid to highgain (specially solo) tones for other amps too.

The best part is how easy to select the right one. Select a mic. (begin with sm57, don't forget to choose the right samplerate you're using) and from the list, it almost goes from bright to dark as you scroll down.

tip; For darken or brightening the tone to match a backing track, try balancing with the right cab. first before adjusting the presence or treble knobs of the amp cause likely you'll get a bit more organic tone if you handle that from the ir mic. placement options.
7 Dec 2018
Key Features:
3 amps and 6 effects pedals, ranging from clean tones to high gain
Smart-Splitter switches between and combines dual signal paths
Preview presets on ToneCloud®
Audio plug-in with any DAW (supports VST, AU, AAX)
Stand-alone app operation (PC/Mac)
7 Dec 2018
Just a week back it was Nita's album (we already discussed quite a bit) and now this;

But before I comment anything, what do you guys think?
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