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30 Jun 2013
Original lesson: Vivaldi's Four Seasons - Summer by Ramiro Delforte

Here's my take, not perfect as always and a lot of wrong notes in this take! But I tried to do like one take, one shot. Moreover, the camera stresses me a lot tongue.gif

Feel free to read the video description in Youtube for more info and tell me what you think and where I could really improve myself

18 Jun 2013
Original lesson: Sum 41 Style by Gabriel Leopardi

Okay... I just figured out I messed up the second and the fourth power chords... Oups tongue.gif

Thank you guys for your replies! I took your advice in consideration and redid a take. It is still not perfect but I think it's better. Thank you for letting me know. You might not think so, but your replies are helping a lot! I would like to focus on my "basics" before trying to get my guitar playing to the next level because it had been a really long time since I last practiced guitar.

18 Jun 2013
Original lesson: Neoclassical Etude #2 by Marcus Lavendell

Hi this is my first REC and I actually did it before my first subscription to GMC, you can read more detail on how I first met GMC on my "introduction thread" on the forum wink.gif

I know the volume of the backing track is a bit high but you can still hear the guitar pretty well and I like when guitar just plays along with the other instruments in this kind of neoclassical pieces.

When I did this take, it was not for REC but just for my facebook friends. I know it's not perfect but it's me having fun with the guitar and I did it just after a break-up so be indulgent! I post it today because I plan to do some more serious (and harder) ones in the next few days (so you can be a lot more severe with me) and I'm just too excited to just wait and not post anything yet! biggrin.gif

I hope you'll enjoy this one, cheers.


17 Jun 2013
Hello guys! My name is Robin and I am a new subscriber and member of the guitarmasterclass comunity smile.gif

Actually, I'm not truly new here : I started learning guitar 4 or 5 years ago and was sharing an GMC account with a friend of mine (really good guitar player btw) known here as JKB.

I am a 19 year-old French student. I live in Paris, France and study in a preschool to pass entry exams to get my ass to the best engineering school I can wish to aim for. Lately, I've been through a lot. My cheating girlfriend broke up with me a month ago which basically put an end to an 3 years old really bad and destructive relationship (but you know what, I thought I was in love and kept hanging to the few times we were happy together and called it happiness, puting my friends and even my studies aside for this girl). But now, it's over and I finally got through depression (which I think was actually one of the reasons I kept staying with this girl... lol) and I'm more ready than ever to study again and improve my guitar playing skills as well biggrin.gif

We shall talk a little about my guitar playing now wink.gif I really don't have a well define style and I often describe my self as a "not real musician" as I don't know much about improvisation and think myself more as a interpreter. I play rock music, metal music an a bit of blues. I would really enjoy to take my "theoretical skills" to the next level and become a great blues player as well as a great fusion shredder tongue.gif

I personally own three guitars :

-my first guitar, a squier stratocaster that I really love all about (except for the pickups which are really bad unfortunately)
-my second guitar and first folk one, a Greg Bennett Design (a guitar I underestimated a lot for a long time and that I now absolutly love)
-and at last but not least, the guitar I play the most, a Lag Arkane 200st on which I replaced the originals EMG-hz pickups by a set of EMG 81/85.

That might say a lot about me but actually, I lately started to dislike more and more my lag guitar because I started to play on 800$-1000$ schecter guitars and even tried one (the Blackjack C1) with Seymour Duncan pickups on a Blackstar Ht studio 20. I don't own an Amp (I use guitar rig 5 with a toneport ux1 line6) so that last experience really sowed doubts about my rig. I will most likely start a new thread about it but I plan on getting a Blackstar Ht studio 20 and was wondering about also about a Blackstar Id:15TVP.

That's all I can think of and let me know if you have any question cool.gif I am looking forward to the REC program.

See you on GMC and ROCK ON !!!
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