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"It’s not about technique. It’s not about what kind of instrument you play or how many strings it’s got or how fast you can play or how loud it is or how quiet it is. It’s about how it feels and how it makes you feel when you play." Eric Clapton
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Monica Gheorghevici
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28 Dec 2017
Original lesson: Stoner for Strat (rhythm & solo) by Darius Wave

Hey guys, Darek's team come up with a new lesson smile.gif

I must say that it wasn’t an easy thing to achieve the "gain from the hand" which is essential for the rhythm part. the end and after months of hard working from both sides (Darek and me), my new "heavy playing" skills are an amazing reward for us.
This is a golden lesson which totally helped me to improve many things and not only from the playing point of view, but also from the tone/recording/mixing point of view.

Darek, thank you so much for everything you do for me. We have put behind this take a very hard work and a huge energy (and nerves...hahaha biggrin.gif ) but it really was worth it smile.gif

5 Jun 2017
Original lesson: Hybrid Blues - Dynamics & Arpeggios by Darius Wave

Hi guys, Darek's team is ready for REC. We worked hard at this lesson but in the end the result is exactly how we wanted.

I truly love this lesson because it's a tricky one and require a particular type of tone and a special attention to details (as we know "Details" is Darek’s middle name biggrin.gif ). Actually this lesson it's exactly how Darek wrote in the description: "good lesson for "tone from the hand" workout".

Darek, you are a brilliant instructor and I'm really happy because we managed to build a solid team over the years. Thank you for everything!

27 Feb 2017
Original lesson: Ballad Soloing #3 - classic rock phrasing by Darius Wave

Hi guys, Darek team returned in REC. I must say that I never believed that I will be ever able to play this lesson, but after a very demanding practice (I still dream all the accents and details from lesson), once again Darek showed me that he can do miracles. Darek you are absolutely brilliant!!! This lesson was as hell on earth but in the end we did it. Thank you for all your patience, explanations, your millions of feedback videos and your wise words which helped me to succeed this lesson: "we fight it because we never say something is above our level ". You are a truly amazing instructor!!!

30 May 2016
Original lesson: Ballad soloing - Dynamics & Phrasing #2 by Darius Wave

Hi guys, Darek's team finished a new lesson. I worked with very much pleasure on it because it's one of the lessons that I love. Has a gorgeous melodic line, a bunch of details and the fact that required a hard work to find the perfect tone for it made the practice more delicious. Darek, thank you so much for everything you do for me. You are an amazing instructor!!! BTW my fingers are ready for Ballad Soloing #3 ;)

9 May 2016
Hi guys and girls smile.gif

This time I come up with a cover. As most of you already know, the music composed by Darek it's like a drug for me (I am an incurable Darekholic biggrin.gif ) and I always dreamed to be able to play one of his original songs. I tried many times to play even a small piece from different songs made by him, but I constantly failed. How much time I failed? I tried every month for 3 years but I never gave up and I never lost my hope that someday a miracle will happen. I start to believe in miracles since I began to work with Darek. He is a truly brilliant instructor and all my progress is only his "fault" smile.gif
This cover means huge for me. It's a gold trophy for our work from the last 3 years. I’m truly happy because we managed to build a solid team over the years.

It was (and still is) hard as hell to play this song and required 3 months of an intense practice (many, many hours/day). Beside the fact that contain million of details and lots of combined techniques, the tone control and all the moments where I must switch the pickups position damn fast, really killed me biggrin.gif
Anyway no matter how hard it was, I really love and I’m very attached by this project. It's the first project which pushed my limits at maximum from all the points of view (including an extra work for the ears, but I passed this test with Darek without to disappoint him wink.gif ).

I hope you guys will enjoy this cover smile.gif

Before to post my video, I want to say something to my instructor.

Darek, first of all I want to thank you because you made an exception for me and you gave me the permission to publish this song. I know that usually you don't do this and this means huge for me smile.gif
You are the best instructor, musician, guitarist, mentor, friend from the entire world. I don’t have enough words to tell you how grateful I am for all the things that you do for me. Thank you for all the time that you spend to work with me, thank you because you took a lot hours from your time to make an impulse custom for me (it was worth every second because I have an amazing tone wink.gif ), thank you because your type of tone made my practice a nightmare and I really love this thing (you devil biggrin.gif ), thank you because you have a big soul and always you forgive me when I'm stubborn and sometimes I speak before thinking, thank you for all your patience that you have when you put me to make new things and automatically I activate my panic mode (actually thank you because you didn’t shot me so far biggrin.gif ), thank you because you always save me when electronic stuff and my PC works against me and also thank you because you always explain me and push me to learn many things (how to make a good tone, my switching from Ableton to Cubase and many other stuff from our mentoring). YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!! wink.gif
BTW Darek, I tried to make a short message for you but as usual I didn't managed to do this tongue.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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Your beginner solo #1 on rec was awesome. Well done!! :)
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