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26 Nov 2014
Hi guys,
Seen a couple of guitars like this now. Can someone let me know whats this is for?

5 Nov 2014
Hi guys,
Im just experimenting with EQ'ing, and quite a few people are saying an overdrive (Tubescreamer) at the end of the chain can tighten up distorted tones and 'pre-EQ'.

Can someone let me know what this is all about? Why would i want to put extra distortion before my amp distortion? Surely that would cake my tone in mud, and ruin everything?

EDIT - cutting the drive on the pedal and cranking the output - Is that gonna fry anything inside the amp? Will i end up with my tubes being toasted and blown?


20 Aug 2014
Hi friends,

Need some help here with the FX loop on my Blackstar HT Studio 20 and POD HD Pro X.

The POD has a couple of really nice amp models that i could make use of in some situations. Thing is, it sounds completely different than how it does when i heard it before i bought it, and when i record it.

If i am using the models on the POD (with no effects), should the models (POD) go in the FX loop to, i presume, to bypass the preamp?

Also, can someone please let me know the benefits of the 4 Cable Method, and how i might make use of it?

Thank you for your help, i appreciate it.
23 Jun 2014
Hi guys,
I have been working on scale modes for the past couple of weeks and although i now know the shapes of the modes, im confused on how they are related. For example, lets say im playing a riff in C major, and putting a lead over the top. How can this have the same notes as A minor? They seem to both have no sharps or flats, and i would therefore assume the same key signature? huh.gif

Going on from that, how do we know what mode a solo would be in? A 4 bar lick in Phrygian would have the same notes as Mixolydian? Does it really make a difference at the end of the day?

I guess i am getting confused on the actual use of the different modes. Note for note, they seem to be the exact same. If i know the major scale for a given key, what use are the other modes? smile.gif

Thank for your help on guiding me on this interesting subject.
4 Jan 2014
Hi mateys!,
was just tinkering with my new POD HD Pro X, and noticed all the effects and amps on there obviously have output level controls. I was wondering - if these were set too high, could i damage the tubes in my amp by overloading them too much? Anything i can listen out for so they dont pop?

Also, before i got this device, i got a really fat and meaty palm mute sound. Now if i dial in some distortion on the POD, the palm mute sounds almost the same as open (although less sustain obviously). I should have made a note of the settings on my pedals, but as Mr. Mustaine said, hindsight is always 20-20. Can anyone suggest anything for that? Some say less gain, some say more with more bass, etc. Im really happy with the overall tone, its just the palm mutes sound a bit weedy.

Thanks for your help!
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