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17 Nov 2009
Hey everybody smile.gif

So my question is kind of wierd, but I am considering making a fresh start in the UK. (Great Britain specifically)
But before I even consider it, I need to get a lot more information about a few things:

I'm looking for somewhere peaceful to live, but not ridiculously overpriced. I imagine I'd need to be somewhat close to a city, as I am going to school to be a Computer Scientist (software engineering), so somewhere that might be notorious for jobs like that might be helpful.

I'm not picky about placement as far as weather, proximity to a coast, etc. I'd actually prefer a mainland area

Probably need somewhere that has some form of public transportation, as when I first arrive chances are I wont have a car tongue.gif

I cant really think of anything else at the moment....

I will be the only prospect moving, so dont need ridiculously large housing tongue.gif

Thanks in advance! I will post questions as they come to me
11 Nov 2009
Hey everybody!

So I'm planning on selling my old Ibanez ARX320 and Schecter Damien 7 (any buyers? haha) to purchase a brand new Fender Stratocaster

I'm looking towards the Standard Stratocaster, since I cant really afford anything more tongue.gif

The main thing that I am looking for is a tone close to Yngwie Malmsteen, but I also need something that is great for sustain, as with long vibratos and such

I've heard different things about the different bridges on the Stratocasters. Is one better for my needs?

Also, I see the Standard Strats and the Made in Mexico Strats, which would you suggest for my needs?

I mostly play Rock, Metal, and Neoclassical, but also love a little blues here and there

Let me know, thanks!

10 Nov 2009
Hey everybody! :]

I am looking for a Stratocaster (Squier or Standard, whatever you happen to have biggrin.gif) that I'm wanting to use in a rebuild project. I dont really mind too much about wear as long as it isnt anything major (no split necks please! tongue.gif)

If anybody has anything, please let me know :]


8 Nov 2009
Hey everybody!

So I've recently found myself wanting a Fender Stratocaster again tongue.gif I've been wanting one for quite a while now, and am looking to see if I can get a good deal on one

Looking mainly for an SSS setup
Not real picky about the body color, but NO HELLO KITTY! tongue.gif
Really hoping for a Maple neck, but will consider others :]

Other than that, I'm pretty open-minded biggrin.gif

Let me know!
6 Nov 2009
Hey Marcus :]

I am having a problem identifying the origin of a particular classical pattern (Not sure if that is the correct term or not...)

In this video is a violin player by the name of Samvel Yervinyan, and from 0:20 - 0:24 is the piece I am trying to find

I was wondering if you knew what composer that piece was in the style of


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