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22 Apr 2008
Alright, so here's a pretty cool story that worked out in my favor laugh.gif

So dad and I are on the way back from seeing Blue Oyster Cult in Lake Tahoe, NV (very good performance! Their new rhythm guitarist/keyboardist is phenomenal, and Buck was good as always). We decide to kill two birds with one stone, and make a stop at the Guitar Center of Sacramento on the way home...very cool, 'cause we live rural, and these trips are rare smile.gif

As always, I make my way to the Boss pedal kiosk to play the pedal I can never seem to afford, the Boss Metalzone MT-2
I play with it within the chain of a boss chorus and delay, and no doubt I'm in love. I was ranging distortions from Dimebag's squeelies signature to Satriani's very sustained melodic distortion.

The Sales guy was doing his job...telling me how great the pedal was and everything else. Everything I already knew, pretty much, but hey, that's GC.
So I finish up playing and he asks me if I'm going to take the plunge. I just couldn't bring myself to it, but rather I asked him if he had any USED MT-2's by chance. He kinda does a half frown (haha) and leads me to the used counter. Sitting right there, was a Used Boss MetalZone MT-2 for $30. Reluctant a bit at first (the pedal was in great cosmetic condition, new looking...I thought something had to be wrong with the tone) I asked to have it thrown in the chain I was in. The pedal sounded the same, and looked practically new smile.gif

I now am the new owner of this MT-2 and have it chained in with my Ibanez Chorus and delay soundtanks. These are connecting to my new Blackheart BH5h Tube amp, and you can practically smear my tone on like butter tongue.gif
This is something my PODXT live truly cant replicate...and I think its safe to say I'm done tone searching....we all say that one though! lol

I haven't ever walked out of a GC store so happy. There truly is treasures to find in that store!
13 Apr 2008
Alright, with a topic like that, I know these are big shoes to fill,
but check this out! I couldn't stop laughing! laugh.gif

Buckethead youtube LOL
15 Feb 2008
So as some of us may or may not know, Paul Gilbert just released his new album, Silence Followed By Deafening Roar, like a week ago.

I just HAVE to share this tune. I gotta say, it's one of the most uplifting, good-feeling, technical guitar songs I've heard in awhile.. It's awesome

Youtube - Norwegian Cowbell

There is no tabs out for it yet, but It's one of those I MUST LEARN! biggrin.gif

Anyone interested in trying to figure out this piece with me?

It's a great song. 1:42-2:00 is absolutely sweet smile.gif
11 Feb 2008
Out of curiosity (and partial boredom....I know I KNOW, I should be practicing my scales) I thought it would be sweet to start a thread dedicated to GMC'ers and our rides!

What do you drive?

I just bought a 96' 2-door 4x4 tahoe from my dad, what a best! Fuel economy aint the greatest, but its great for loading my amps and guitars. I also think it's pretty sweet, and considering they're somewhat rare (2 door tahoe's were made from 1996-1999). Also great for four-wheeling.

I've recently had a few spare bucks on hand, and invested in a sound system for it. It's all installed now, and it's quite the beast! Two kicker 4ohm subs powered by an American Legacy 2000watt amp (yes, 3 0's biggrin.gif). Pioneer Kevlar coned 6.5"s in the doors, and two rear 4x10's

Operated by a Pioneer deck (and also, as the display on the deck shows, I am indeed a GMC member tongue.gif...

So let's see your ride!
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