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12 Apr 2009
Hi Guys,
somedays ago i started ebaying and googling around about guitars and stuff, like everyone always does when he is sitting in front of his Pc. I searched around and found a really nice Guitar Body of a discontinued Jem Type, The Floral Pattern ones, the might appear somehow a bit gay, but in fact i think its just an beautiful Guitar.

So I´m new to bulding a Guitar on your own but i have experience with Computers, so if i can handle complex technology i think i can handle Screwing the Bolt on Neck on, Inserting Pickups incl. electronics (that is a point where i need help!), the Pro Edge might be a bit difficult but i managed to reinstall a floyd rose on my kelly because it killed the springs.

I went through the Internet and found a lot of information and stuff, i want to declare you guys now my plan and if some expierenced guys among you find problems in that plan i would be really pleased if you would help me.

So first of all the Body and the Trem.|240%3A1318

I´m new to Ibanez FR licensed Trems, but i think i have to do a drilling through the neck because they have those anchor kind of screws (i think to fix the sattle?) haven´t they, also i think the locking nuts are not included in this auction.

Now here is the Neck i found:|240%3A1318

I really like it. I think i just have to do some drills and attach it to the body? (read a lot about this and how to make sure that it is in one line with the body and so on...

Last but not least i have chosen this pickups, like it hast to be on a jem....

I know that i need those Knobs and little misc stuff like a pickguard maybe.

like this.|240%3A1318

Now comes a point where i have no exact clue what i need, i need mechanics for the strings maybe locking ones, i need the locking nuts and sattle if i didnt missunderstood whats included in the body auction, i have to buy an input jack and this other electronic stuff like pickup selector. I would be really happy if someone show me what i need and how to do it i know that i have to (dont know the world melting metal to contact cables?) braze?, everything right that everything works.

If you help me i would really help you out in the upcoming weeks with detailed progression datas and photos ^^.

Thank you Guys,
Happy Easter!

(if you have any consideration about something going wrong please post)

24 Dec 2008
so have a nice Christmas everyone. So i got my money about 700-800€, and im playing a Jackson Ke1 MF, its a Kelly from 1996 but everything you need to know that it has a Seymour Duncan Invader Pickup in the Bridge (only Pickup).

My amp now is a Marshall JCM900 Full Valve 50W Combo, but im somehow right now changing my gear to metal stuff and this amp doesnt fit my style and my band´s style at all, it hasnt enought distortion, i tried many distortion pads but none was so great feeling like a real valve overdrive.

So has anyone a suggestion to get a good Metal Tone with very very very very much gain but with a well defined sound?, i thought about getting a preamp because a new good amp would be to expensive, engl heads + box is too expensive for me (the same goes for combos theyre about 1000euro).

When i thought about a Preamp i found the Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem so has anybody a good idea to get a wall of distortion out of my Marshall JCM 900?

Sorry for some misstakes in my englisch, im just a 16yrs old german ^^.

I got a picture from the guitar just for people who are interested im very proud of it because i saved my money for so a long time to buy it and now i have it. But as is said i need a new Amp Tone somehow.^^
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3 May 2008
my name is Florian, i´m 16 years old (since 1th May ) , from Germany.

I´ve been playing guitar now for a year and i got really addicted to it.

I play 5-6 hours a day (after school) , sometimes in one piece or
sometimes with breaks (Meeting Friends, Doing Stuff outside...).
I realized early when doing regular guitar lessons (Me with Teacher),
that I needed more, I bought guitar magazines, read websites and
finally found GMC. At the time I registered here i wasnt really
able to use the website i had no knowledge of what to learn now
an where to go. I started also with a German Guitar Book and
since then i never came back to GMC. So... the Guitar Book
was done, a regular lesson was still not enough and i came back to

I read here everything every Day i check out Andrews Theory Lessons
they´re awesome! I learned so much and did some playing lessons
for Rhythmn and Stuff. One day i went to Andrews Lesson about the
Scales and Stuff, I decided to learn major and minor pentatonic (incl. blue) scales.

So i nailed down Pentatonic after 2 Weeks (I really forced myself to!) and then
another thing showed how great GMC is.

I found the Pentatonic Workshop and i do every exercise (workshop 1 and 2 (going on 3 soon))
twice a day (after school / before sleeping) and it really improves my playing and timing.

I´m also addicted to the Appregiated - I Got Rhythm Guitar lessons (starting lesson 3 soon).

Its just a great place to be and the forum is really helpfull.

Now for everyone who has made it this far some nice pictures of my gear

I started with a crappy strat copy and a sort of cheep chinese amp

last years summer i bought a Epiphone Les Paul Custom an a Marshall JCM 900 (50W valves).


I wasted some time playing World of Warcraft and sold my account to a friend that brought me 450 Euros,
i also kept my christmas money (150€), i earned some money working (100€) and i was given 300€ for
my Birthday from everyone in the Family smile.gif!

It only took a second to think what to do with this much money, i wanted something i would keep forever as mine,
something personal and something amazing... a great guitar. (the epiphone really got used and not the good way of used wink.gif))

So i went to a big guitar Store in Cologne and fell in Love with


Fender American Stratocaster Deluxe HSS


( i got very much black light in my room and these stars on the pictures a fluorescent)

So thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed and sorry for my bad school english laugh.gif .

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