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17 Apr 2009
When composing I find that I often only use a few keys. For example: E, D, Db/C#, C, B, A, Gb/F#...

But I seem to have a mental block for composing in some other keys, like: F, Bb/A#, Ab/G#, Eb/D#.... I have no problem learning songs in those keys, and I know how to play/improvise in them. But I’d probably never chose those keys when composing, which I find a bit fascinating smile.gif

I just thought it would be interesting to see what keys you guys like (and don’t like) when composing, and also why you like/don’t like them?
31 Jan 2009
Hello everyone!

I'm really sorry for not being around for a while guys. I've had some unfortunate things happening in my life which basically made me loose all inspiration and motivation to play guitar. That's funny because the guitar has always helped me before when life's been hard... but it didn't work this time.

I'm one experience richer now though and what I've learned from all this is that we can't take anything for granted in life. Some things are just out of our control and we have to do the best we can, even though it won't be as good as we wanted.

I've missed you all, and I really appreciate the support from all of you who I've had contact with during this time.

I've bought a couple of new beautiful guitars and the inspiration has definitely started to come back now. Maybe I'm not 100% recovered yet though, but I'm ready to start working here again.... and I'm really looking forward to it smile.gif

I'll get busy answering all my PM's now! smile.gif

22 Sep 2008
It’s about time I get a new Mac Pro, but I’m not sure that now is a good time to buy one unsure.gif don’t recommend buying now because they say that Apple will probably release a new Mac soon.
Historically there have been a new upgrade every 8-9 months, and the latest Mac Pro was released in January 2008, so….

But then I read on several forums that Apple will probably not release a new Mac Pro anytime soon, because they’re waiting for a new processor which is estimated to arrive sometime in 2009 (?)

Anyone here with more knowledge about this?
28 Aug 2008
Even though I’ve been playing guitar for many years, I still sometimes have this problem that’s holding me back: Sore fingers

When I play guitar on a daily basis I get kind of thick calluses/hard skin on the fingertips which really makes it painless to play. But if I take a break for a week, or even just a couple of days, it can be really painful sometimes when I pick the guitar up again. I heard an absolute beginner who said that it feels like the strings cuts the fingers like razor blades. And yes, I guess that's almost how it feel dry.gif

What I’d like to find is some kind of “magical recipe”, like… I don’t know… soak the fingers in lemon juice for ten minutes? smile.gif Or, put superglue on the fingertips and rub vinegar mixed with soap and salt? biggrin.gif Or, etc. etc… well… you get the idea! tongue.gif

Do you have any tips to share?
7 Aug 2008
Dear friends,

I had a discussion with few of my students recently about developing speed, and I just want to share my thoughts on this subject with you guys as well smile.gif

Practicing at slow speed and articulate is definitely a good way to prevent playing sloppy, - but that in itself won’t make you play fast unless you know what it’s like to play fast.

You must get in the feel of what it’s like to play fast before you can do it, because it’s a whole different thing mentally!

So every once in a while, put the metronome at 300 bpm (or whatever) even if you know you’ll probably miss 80% of the notes, but do the best you can though. This will give you an idea of what it’s like to play that fast (even if it doesn't sound very good), and you’ll get a much clearer picture of what you will need to learn to do with your fingers.

This in combination with practicing articulate and slow is the best way I know to get fast results.

Now, lets hear your thoughts on this!
Feel free to agree or to disagree of course smile.gif

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Hey Marcus? What about a new lesson from you? =) Possible?
18 Mar 2009 - 20:42
Hey marcus do you have MSN?
12 Oct 2008 - 17:32
Hey marcus! Keep up the awsome lessons, I find they make practice so much more fun :)
- kind regards,matt
2 Oct 2008 - 10:26
sidewas lightnin...
I felt like leaving a weird comment.
Here it is!
SKDsadfklsadfasoie( 93j-002; asld;fajd,,,;asdfie i2i93203942039fs
24 Sep 2008 - 20:54
Hey Marcus, hope the tip on the sore fingers thread helped :)
Currently learning your Etude# 1, got it nailed at 100bpm and continuing to push! Great lesson.
10 Sep 2008 - 2:03


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