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7 Jun 2008
Whats up everyone. I havn't been on the forum in a really long time, but it looks really good from what I've seen. Anyways, I've been looking for a new amp, been doing alot of research, and I've come up with a possible list. I thought I'd get some of the gear inclined people on hear to give me suggestions. Hear they are:

ENGL Powerball

ENGL Fireball

LANEY Vh100r

Laney GH100L

I'm looking for a really, really heavy amp that will be great for metal. So far I've been most impressed with the powerball, but it also has the highest pricetag. I also think that the gh100l would be great, but I'd probably have to boost it to get the sound I want. Both companies also have some amazing artists endorsed. ENGL: Iced Earth, Necrophagist, Marty Friedman, Nevermore. Laney: Opeth, Toni Iommi, Arch enemy. I've also heard that Mesa Boogie makes awesome amps (john Petrucci). But just give me your oppinions, thanks smile.gif
15 Mar 2008
Feel your heart race
Pounding through your chest
Never may you rest
I see sheer terror in your face

Run all you wish
I am the ruler of the night
You will never leave my sight
The reaper's scythe soon you shall kiss

Are you prepared to meet death
Your time is no longer delayed
Satan's price must be paid
His vindication never endeth

Heaven is not for your kind
Eternal agony is yours
That and nothing more
Your soul is mine


Blood hammers through your skull
The sun is near set
Soon I shall be your guest
Your pleas for salvation knull

Your run on and onward
An utter fool
By your fears ruled
My scythe is never far

Cold sweat drips from your brow
Night has fallen
A darker force has risen
The dying time is now

I am the harbinger of hades
A horseman of apocalypse
Upon you I shall bestow pestilence
Beg for mercy upon your knees

Solo/ tempo change

My scythe tears through your flesh
Your soul from body rips
Gaze your last upon this wretched world
You are Satan's now and forevermore


I am a harbinger of hades
a horseman of apoclolypse
Your soul my scythe shall rip
Tearing you to your knees

I am the lord of evil
Any soul I'll take
Out of pleasure or out of spite
I am the Shepherd of the Night

Ok, this is my first attempt to EVER write lyrics, so don't make fun of me too much. I really need some help from some of you expewrienced guys. ;)BTW, this is basically just an Angel of death type song.
13 Mar 2008
I just wanted to have some of the gear gurus hear at GMC look at this to make sure it's not a fake. I'm pretty sure it's real, but just making sure. The pink graphics are cool and it's going for less than this guitar costs with the normal color. cool.gif
6 Mar 2008
As some of you know, I'm looking for a new guitar, and I feel settled on This one. There are two versions of the guitar however. The bodies are the exact same, but one has the EMG-HZ H-4 humbucker and the newer version has the Seymore Duncan Blackout. I can get the one with the EMG for a couple hundred less, but is it really worth it? Is the Blackout allready awesome? Thanks for the help.
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Toni Suominen
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Keep it metal!! :D
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