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19 Feb 2015
I get latency issues when recording, i have a cheap maudio fast track external sound card.
pc specs are.

Intel core i5 760 2.80GHz
8GB ram
Nvidia GTX 560Ti
Windows 8.1
Maudio fast track (the cheap 80$ one they no longer sell)

Oh and I use cubase 5.1.2 but just recently switched to reaper (havent had time to check if i have the same problem there yet, just assume it)

Thinking of buying a line6 pod studio ux2. would that help or do i need an external monitor thing.
I have no idea what that is but i watched a video of Ola Englund and he had some external monitor thing to get zero latency issues.

What do they cost, what are they really called?

I got pretty good latency now since i lowered my samples in sound card settings in the DAW but id like to get rid of the problem completely.

Thankful for answers!
18 Feb 2015
My name is Tommy im 32 years old and live in sweden.
I started playing guitar when i was about 12, an acoustic one my dad had, i had no-one teach me anything so just played melodies on one string.
then learned 2 string power chords or what its called and made a song and started a band with that song.

Our school had a rehearsal local in the basement which you could book 1 1/2 hours 2 times a week at night.

We had so much fun and always a lot of people with us listening, hardcore was new back then and we actually made ppl leave holding covering their ears on our first live gig.
an anti drink and drive concert.
ppl just wasnt used to a singer screaming all the time. ha ha.

Anyway, we then got an offer to play at vegan place in uppsala and played just before the headline band. that was fun.
after that we got an offer from that band to play in gothenburg, opening up for Refused but our band broke up in the middle of that.

after that i didnt play for few years and then started a new band when i was 18.
We played straight up punkrock and got a review in a local paper saying "if you like sum41 or blink 182, youre definately gonna like moon beam walkers". ha ha

we played and had fun mostly, didnt really care about learning or stuff, we just played and partyed so not much progress in skill there.
We stayed together few years but the drummer became a dad, the bass player had to move cause of school etc so it all just faded away.

then again i didnt play until maybe 3 years ago when i discovered Lamb of god and saw the video, in your face by children of bodom.
Though, "god damn I want to play like that" .bought a cheap guitar and started practicing moving my fingers.

Now im here, new guitar, got basic skills of DAWs and record stuff that sound decent at least;P

Since i joined gmc few months ago, ive progressed more than i did ever before.
Love the way lessons are constructed, easy to understand without theory knowledge.

.... wall of text sorry
9 Feb 2015
Original lesson: In Flames Style Lesson by Gabriel Leopardi

My first rec take.Lots of room for improvement i know. Did like 20 takes and ended up with the first one anyway, ha ha. I can do better but when i hit rec i become retarded. Anyway, here it is.

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