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6 May 2008
Hi David,
Ive noticed some really cool licks in your lesson. Now Im wondering how to improvise with them.

Now the things im going to outline here is what I think the improvisation process is about (Im highly likely to be wrong so please do correct me):

Now as I understand the improvisation process, the first step is to use a backing track. Lets say I wished to improvise over this backing track:

Now I have to find a scale or many scales over this backing track. The scale which I should use along with the key all depends on the backing tracks chord progression.

This step is the problem.

Even if the chord progression is given to me I find it meaningless (to me it looks like letters here and there). Infact, I barely know most of those chords. Im only aware of some open chords. Im not even sure what chords go together with what key (I followed Kris advice in one of his tapping lessons- "just play what sounds good together"). Ive barely practiced chords at all.

So how do I turn the chord progress meaningful. Lets say I wish to use a pentatonic scale and lets say the chord progression is C, D, Am (not sure how they sound, just guessing). Do I:
-Play a play licks in the C major pentatonic, then D major pentatonic and finally A minor pentatonic
-Play a single scale in a single key, which suits the entire chord progression. (how do I decide which one?)

Also how do I pick what scale I use. I currently know the Minor Pentatonic, Natural Minor, and a little bit of Harmonics Minor and Mixolydian. The key im most comfortable with is the key of A.

Oh and the final step which i feel is throw in licks that fit into the scale. Is there any particular rule I should remember when using licks (I think I remember reading somewhere that you shouldnt use notes in a scale that match the chord which is currently being played).

24 Apr 2008
Ive been playing fuitar for about 1.5 years now, practicing every day, pretty dedicated. Lot of things have improved like my right hand, but my left hand still is pretty stiff while trying to plat fast. Its these type of licks that i find impossible to play fast (past 100 bpm) with fluency without hitting dead notes:

Why? Because when i play descending patterns like pinky, then my ring or middle finger and then my index, my fingers become really stiff to move fast. I can play the oppisite fine (first my index, then middle or ring finger and then finally my pinky), but the other eay around is really difficult.

My left hand is really a pain in the a**. I think its because ive never really used my left hand as a child so its not really as good as my right. This is what makes lead playing for me a bit difficult as those type of patterns are frequently used.

Is this normal? My left hand seems fine, can move and flex in all directions perfectly. Its only when i have to write, draw, or play guitar or piano i can see that its not nearly as good as my right hand (well, I am right handed).

How can I fix this? (are there any lessons or exercises you can reccomend?)

I really want to see a doctor to straighten things out. Is there a particular type of doctor i should see?

12 Feb 2008
I saw this site a few weeks back.

Its a project affiliated to United Nations. All you do is pick the right synonym to a given word and you have just donated 20 grains of rice to a needy person in less than 5 seconds.

I know this site is true to their word because i even saw the advertisement in the newspaper. So let us GMCers actually do something about world hunger. All you have to do is spend sometime and play the game. And dont forget to link this thread in your signature (people will notice it). Together we really can make a difference.

Post your scores in this thread too.

I played this game for about 5 minutes as im filling this thread and i have already donated 400 grains of rice (all it took is 5 minutes of clicking away and caring).

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
11 Feb 2008
Hi GMCers,
I started guitar around 1 and a half years ago and around the same time my sister bought herself a keyboard. We both took lessons in some institutes and hated it cause they made us play classical songs out of some books. So we decided to quit. I took lessons off UG (also various other free sites) and later joined GMC while my sis just gave up on keyboard. Today she picked it up again and decided to play. Her goal is to buy a good piano within a few months (as a birthday gift) but seriously she cant really play.

So what would be a good approach to learning piano. Is there some things she should start with first. I think she remembers how to read sheet music, but i guess she needs to refresh on that too.

I got some piano tabs for like Umbrella by Rhianna but she found them hard. So could you also recommend some easy and interesting piano songs. Ill get her signed up for lessons in a few weeks till then i just need something to keep her practicing. Thanks
8 Feb 2008

I noticed you used a POD XT Live in your shred tapping lesson. I liked the tone, so may i please pester you for settings by uploading the .l6t tone file. Thanks.

Oh and BTW, as for the lesson. Im working on it even though its out of my capability.
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Ian Bushell
Hay man! hahahaha don't stress about the wall posts, all good:)
Thanks alot for the kind feedback. Will look into doing some more full length song lessons! Cool stuff. Keep rocking\m/
12 Sep 2008 - 8:34
Ian Bushell
Hay man!
The first riff lesson is live!! Go check it out:)
Hope you dig it!
8 Jul 2008 - 11:43
Hi, You asked if it was me that had lesson videos on youtube. Nope, not me. LOL
25 Apr 2008 - 5:24
Heheh, yeah I love them. That's BFMV in your's right?
11 Feb 2008 - 15:25
Hi man :)
Haha well, it was always in the way, it was really annoying. I feel much better now that it's all shaved away :D
9 Feb 2008 - 15:41


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