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10 Jun 2015
It seems I've created a major issue with my practice simply by finally buying a guitar I've always wanted (a PRS). As most guitar players know, the PRS line have thicker and wider necks. Let me also say that I am as happy as can be, and I love my new PRS. The issue is this; I have an old Ibanez that I picked up cheap so that I could take it with me to work or wherever and practice whenever I have the chance. Now as you may have guessed where I'm going here, I have a real problem in that once I get home at night and pick up my PRS, I am absolutely missing strings that I was having no problem with at say lunch time. And then the next day I'll have issues with the fretboard on the Ibenez. And so on and so on... ohmy.gif

So anyways; I can clearly see that I (at least at my beginning stage) cannot switch back and forth between the two. I'm guessing this is something that's obvious with all advanced players.

So... I would like to know if anyone knows of a 'cheap' type of PRS copy I might be able to get? Or... Am I wrong, and switching back and forth between the two different neck sizes 'good for me'?
30 Jan 2015
Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to be short, ha ha. I'm around 55 yo, don't really remember (that's for any young people that think once you hit 50 you're somehow different) laugh.gif Anyways; always wanted to learn the guitar and finally got around to it a few years ago. Well I was about a year into learning when I took a full shot from a framing hammer to my fret hand middle finger tip. Won't go into details but suffice it to say, around six months or so of healing I still could not press on strings with that finger. I eventually just gave up and decided to get into the piano. Fast forward to around 3 or so months ago and I was crying, I started getting out all of my guitar stuff to sell it when I sat down to give it one more try... WHAT... No pain!! Talk about a happy camper! So I started playing/learning again, but guess what, the pain came back. I'm sure you can all understand how 'sick to my stomach' that makes me. Anyways; I have an appointment with a hand specialist, and I'm also beginning my quest in rubber/plastic materials to make something I can wear on that finger. Yes I know that "xxxxxxx" has the finger tip products for sale and they sound good, but I'm not going to pay $100 to 'try' them out. It is really amazing how much pain in one finger will effect the entire way you play a guitar!
I live in Maryland east coast US. I go to bed fairly early because I get up when the London and Euro markets open wink.gif
Just got a Taylor 110 E/A (love it)
Yamaha FG700
Schecter Damien 6
Casio Privia PX-350
Vox Valv vt 120
Fender mini
I guess I'll leave it here.
I would like to leave with something I think may help some, and since I can't really help anyone out with the guitar yet, let's try a life experience lesson... Yes; this is for the young.
When I was 'younger', I was very good at quite a few things. Somewhere along the line with each of these "things", I quit and went on to something else, and so on throughout my life. Whether it was money, lost interest, family didn't back me(the biggest), whatever it was I never 'went for it'. Do Not Do This! If you have a dream, go for it while you can!! If you want to some day be playing at Wembly or Madison Square Garden, go for it. Practice, learn, practice some more, learn some more, you get the idea. Do what it takes to get there and don't let ANYONE tell you that you can't!!!!! So, for my lesson of the day for those with dreams: Next time you're trying to decide whether to practice or play a video game, or hang out with the gang, take a couple of minutes and lay down and close your eyes. Now picture yourself in 20, 30, or 40 years... You'll be thinking one of few different things. 1. "Man, if I only would have tried" 2. "At least I gave it my all". 3. "Man, what a life I have, I'm sure glad I did what it takes". Author Vince Flynn went through a whole lot of publishers before he finally found one that said 'yes'. He didn't give up!
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