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3 Nov 2015
Hi GMCers!

I am looking to replace the pickups of my cort superstrat project, its a H-S-H config with floyd rose. I already know which humbucker i am going to put (SD 59/JB set, well known classic and not too expensive...), but i am struggling to find a replacement for the single coil...

I use this pickup quiet a lot, mainly in conjunction with the neck/bridge pickup in split position in order to have fenderish bluesy tone or nice clean tones... Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks GMCers!
17 May 2015
Original lesson: Exodus Style by Gabriel Leopardi

Hey guys, my take 2 on Gabi's "Exodus style" lesson. Kept a shredding part at the end!

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
17 May 2015
Original lesson: Rhythm Guitar: 80's Rock by Guido Bungenstock

Hey guys, my GMC rec for Guido's lesson "Rythm Guitar: 80's Rock". Some clipping on the recording... I had a lot of fun with this song! Tx Guido!

7 Apr 2015

Hey GMCers!

I wanted to share some impressions i have regarding neck scale: since i began to learn guitar i've mostly played on necks with 24.75 scales, in fact all my electric guitars have this neck length.

I recently purchased a superstrat with 24 frets and neck scale of 25.5. Before even beginning to play on the guitar or trying it, i was convinced that it would be more difficult to play on this guitar due to the longer neck: logic was telling me "you are used to shorter necks, so longer neck will be harder"... The thing is, now that i have a guitar with the 25.5 neck scale, i've been playing and comparing with the 24.75 scale and the result surprises me: i find it easier to play on the longer scale! Chords, power chords, solos... Even notes with widespread finger position (i am practicing the "Index vs Little finger" video...) are now easier to perform.

Have you experienced something similar with different neck scale? I know that the neck shape and frets also plays a major role in the final feeling of the neck, so do you think it has nothing to do with the neck scale and it's purely the neck shape and frets?
29 Mar 2015
Original lesson: Exodus Style by Gabriel Leopardi

Hey guys! 2nd Rec post ;-) Cool lesson Gab, I really enjoyed it! I took the "liberty" of adding the d# chord during the thrash riff (i kind of like it! It gives an extra darkness side ...) and adding an outro solo. Please give me some feedback! Keep Rocking!

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