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1 Sep 2009
I'll try to make this pretty short without unneccesary info, because I like it that way.


Main Goal:
I don't want to feel limited by anything when I play my guitar

Minor Goals:

I want to have a dead on timing
I want my technique(s) to be flawless
I want to know all the theory there is
I want to be able to apply the theory without having to think too much when improvising etc
I want to be able to sight-read & sight-sing
I want to have a perfect relative pitch (knowing all of the intervals without having to think or doubt) + (hearing the cadences, chord voicings etc...)
I want to know exactly where every note is placed on the fretboard, instantly and how they relate to each other INSTANTLY
I want to have a good grip of styles
Have a good library of licks and tricks
Having a great time completing all of these above mentioned goals.

What I've accomplished so far:

My picking technique is well developed, speed and coordination isn't enough but atm it's the least of my concerns.

Strumming, raking, fingerpicking and such is not developed enough and I do need assistance with this.

My muting skills are ok, not perfect but other areas need much more improvement.

I do not know where all of the notes are located on the fretboard (instantly) I can think a little and reach all of them, only some I do "really" know.

What I do know of theory? Iaouch dude, hard to name. Some things are automated so to speak, maybe a little test?

I know what notes are contained in a lot of scales and arpeggios but I want to be 100% sure of every arpeggio and scale.

As far as relative pitch goes, I'm working on intervals mostly atm. I can sing a fifth up or down from a given note perfectly 10 times in a row (once I've warmed up and gotten the sound in my head properly, I do want to be able to skip the warmup though). I can do the same with a perfect fourth and I'm currently working on major thirds. I do this by picking a note on the guitar or piano then singing the interval up or down, checking if I'm correct.

My "prim a' vista" is non existant.

Music I like to listen to:

Currently I'm mostly listening to different styles of Jazz. Jazz blues, bossa nova, swing, etc. Like

Miles Davies & CO
CC Brown
Pat Metheny
Chick Corea
Robben Ford
Al Di Meola
Keith Jarret
Paco De Lucia
Beegie Adair
Stephane Grapelli
Wes Montgomery
Les Paul
Bill Frisell

& all quality music I can get my hands on.

I hope this is enough.
18 Aug 2009
Hey Pedja. Congratz on your new board, sorry for exploiting them already smile.gif

We have a minor blues context. EX.

| Cmin | Fmin |

There's various of things I could do here, like C - Dorian -> C aeolian, C - Mel... -> C Harmonic, combining them etc. But right before the switch I find myself (on the piano) playing either C# dorian or some C major scale, possibly with a min6.

What I've been reasoning towards is that the E leads nicely to F. But it's still in the Cmin context. If I'd start to play C# dorian in the beginning of the Cmin vamp it doesn't sound good at all.

Can i utilize this in my rythm playing as well? and are there other scenarios like this (where you change the so that it leads into the next)? Ofc, I don't mean "parallell" scenarios like Dm, Gm.

I hope you understand what I ment.

Best regards // Ox.
18 Aug 2009
Hey man. It would be great if you could cover the basics on how to practise hearing different intervals and chord, cadences. Recognizing them and putting them into notes.

Also sight - singing would be nice. I just need a push in the right direction.

// Ox
9 Jul 2009
Haha, pretty nice commercial huh?
7 Feb 2009

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