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29 Jul 2007
It would be cool if we had an R&B style lesson.

I really don't know how to explain what R&B guitar is, so I'm just going to give an example.

listen to the guitar on that. It's just so smooth and soulful. I'd like to learn more about the elements of that style of playing.
25 Jul 2007
I read somewhere once that people who practice their instrument at night before they sleep will be able to accomplish the same exercise with greater accuracy in the morning. I also read that people who practice their instrument in the morning see little improvement when trying the same exercise later on that same night. Point being: you retain your practice better if you do it right before you sleep.

I've tested it a bit and found that it works for me. I wanted to know how all of you felt about it.

Also...I've read that practicing for hours on end without stopping is not as beneficial as it sounds. I don't know how true that is for everyone, but I definitely retain my practice better if I take a break and rest every 30 minutes or so for about an hour.

10 Jul 2007
I read a little bit on UG and such about economy picking - I don't really know that much about it other than it's just a way to combine sweeping and APing to get faster speeds and such.

I notice lots of AP lessons here but none on economy. What are everyone's thoughts on econ picking - is it even worth looking into?
2 Jul 2007
Here at GMC all the video lessons are top-notch video and audio quality. I really wanted to know what kind of process is involved in recording the lessons - what kind of recording equipment do the instructors use? Do they mix/edit them at all? Is it easy or hard to make video lessons? Do you need computer software to make videos?

answers to any and all questions on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

1 Jul 2007

this site, though wonderful and comprehensive in what it does offer, doesn't touch on many great genres of music (to name a few: Ambient, Indie, Funk, pop-punk).

Now, granted I may be pretty ignorant of the ways of the guitar in comparison to the majority of you, but I think that lessons in these genres could teach a lot. Ambient music in the style of Explosions in the Sky would be a great way to teach music theory and scales/modes to beginners or advanced guitarists. An indie lesson would be great for barre chords, triads, picking technique, etc. Pop-punk would be a perfect genre for beginner lessons on power chords and simple riffs (in the style of Sum 41 or Blink 182 etc.)

Funk is just fun. smile.gif

That's not even mentioning the many other genres that are not really addressed on this site. Now, I'm not saying that metal and neoclassical are bad, they just kinda dominate the site (though I will also admit that they are very good for teaching technique).

any thoughts?
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