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50 years old
troy new hampshire
Born Oct-19-1970
Well working on my house we just got last year lots of remodeling going on keeps me real busy....But guitar allways fits in at the end of the day....I have been playing for bout 10 years......never could solo to save my life so im here to learn....I have a home recording setup in a room up stairs........I love playing acustic guitar....even have a cd my solo effort....called sunny side project is called ballistic nature.......
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12 Jan 2009
Well as the weekend come to and end i got the body off the router with the front side done. I must say the knots in the pine look pretty good lol ..I now have to build a fixture to hold the guitar so i can machine the back pockets out, for the tremello..electronics and contours. I just threw a few extra parts i had laying around on the body to show you the fit of everything.I wont be useing them for this build.

I will take pictures of the fixture after it is built and also go into detail about it and why it is best to machine the rest of the body this way, with this fixture design , I have been a machinist for around 15 years now ,and building fixtures i have had plenty of dealings with knowing what works well with any kind of part or parts you might be building. the main goal behind a fixture is to hold your part in a manner to get the best possible part of your machine square and also everything in the right place where it is supose to be. lol

well enjoy the pictures im sure i will have more for you next weekend
johnAttached ImageAttached Image

5 Jan 2009
Well i ahve a few pictures for you today on my guitar build kind of a spin off of a music man axis with a twist or two thrown in there ..Well i finaly got my cnc router that i built from scatch up and running,,I built all the pc boards and electronics..along with the machine itself.So after a month of trouble shooting I have finaly started the test body I glued up a few pine 2x4s to make up a body blank...I wanted a test piece before i dumped alot money into nice wood only to destroy it with programming issues...And trust me i have had a few wild crashes lol ..Well enjoy the pictures and i will keep you updated as i progress thru this projectAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
17 Nov 2008
Well for the past few monthes I have been on A roll in my home shop took a studio break for a while..With the goal in mind of makeing a cnc router from the ground up...I built the whole machine except for a few electronics..I also run solidworks basicaly a program that builds 3d models of any parts you can imagine...

I have been a machinist for about 15 years so the shop life is nothing new to me,,Well with that in mind i have designed a guitar that im going to build with the router. I have held nothing back custume inlays ,, the body ,, the neck the fret board..the body will have a book matched quilted top ..walnut fret board 22 frets...with a 10 degree radius..that will graduate up to a 12 degree radius at the 22 fret...

Basicaly i took alot of consideration into the neck and pretty much have a matched evh wolfgang back countor..I got the specs thru warmouth guitar.. they have alot of the specs there on most guitars all you have to due is bring them into the geometry of solid works..The basic idea is if you can draw it then you can machine it to any specs you want.. Basicaly i will be building a music man axis with a few a back contour..the addition of a tone pot..for the custume stan hinesley electronics

As allways any comments are allways welcome ...the solidworks model I hope you will be able to view this timeAttached Image
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Attached File  new_tele_model.txt ( 2.86MB ) Number of downloads: 887
30 May 2008
Well hello to all he gmc gear heads out there . well i have a new product i just picked up.. I guess it is not all to new to the market but has new updates and is packed with many usefull features like ampli tube and revalver..and many guitar effects..delays reverbs and so on and so on...drums bass and a host of other insturments...It is called Progression music software..It is 99.00 us dollars a great deal for all it can do. I said to myself well lets see what this can do . So i grabbed the metallica and justice for all . tab books and tabbed out blackened from start to finish.. bass lines and all ... set up and put on the amp simulation with a marshall stack panned the guitars a bit hit play and let it rip.. minus a few errors on my part forgetting to tie a few notes and add in a slur here and there you had probly the best redition of blacken sence it was recorded lol ....I am highly impressed

I mainly got it for my studio to save time when recording local bands in the area...They allways are fighting on it goes like this and that and the list goes on and on...WELL it also records thru midi gear so while recording the band i record there takes thru midi and progression tabs it all out...So if the band wants to make changes and ants to here what it would sound like n/p find the bars you would like to change and copy and paste in your changes..then simply hit play and there are you changes....Oh and did i happen to mention the best part about progression,,,,no well im about to so hold on to your hatts,,,

After you are done tab or notationing you life away and you realy want to show your friends what you came up with..Well no problem just save it as a audio file with amp sim drums the whloe thing... and burn it to cd..

here is a audio sample i created useing a acoustic guitars...i tabbed out a few different styles of palying...enjoyAttached File  sunshine.mp3 ( 1.34MB ) Number of downloads: 554
15 May 2008
Hey muris well got thru the beginner one lol ..Trying to get the bends to match yours is a bit tricky..That and i slipped out of time a small bit here and there. well I do know one thing this tune is a lil more tricky to play then one might think lol...Any tips on how to get my bends a little more in shape ??

Oh and by the way thats what the setup sound like thru a marshall vs 100 H valvestate head and a 4-12 carvin cab . I used 2 C414 bxl condensor mics. I did do a small bit of filter and noise gate work on the guitar track to clean it up a bit and get some of the unwanted air wash created by the room itself...but whats a few filters and tricks of the trade amoung friends laugh.gif Attached File  muris_rocking_tune.mp3 ( 1.84MB ) Number of downloads: 709

happy jammin john
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