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15 Apr 2011
Hey guys.. I need some help/support.
I've had almost no formal training (a couple of private lessons but that's all), but I have come a pretty long way by myself. I'm somewhat happy with my guitarplaying when it comes to metal, but here's the thing: I pretty much can't play anything else.

What I mean with this, is it's very easy for me to learn new songs in my style, I can somewhat easily improvise riffs and melodies that are metal.
But I can't pick up an acoustic guitar at someone and play a complete song.
I can't come up with decent rock riffs a la van halen, mr big or extreme.
I can't play anything - is what it feels like.

My lead playing is probably way better than my rhythm playing, because I started in that end when first picking up the guitar. The last 2 years or so I really started paying more attention to tight rhythm and I have become much better - when playing metal.

I wonder if anyone here has any tips on what I could do to step out of my comfort zone and start becoming more comfortable as a "real" guitarist.

One goal I have set it up is to _really_ learn the notes all over the fretboard, and get more comfortable with playing major scales (damn metal minor scales!). I want to be able to dabble in many styles of music.

I feel my weakest points are these:
Chord knowledge (sure, I know my powerchords, 3rds, 5ths etc, but "real" chords)
Rhythms that doesn't use a pedalnote or even lots of palmmuting.
Coming up with chordprogressions on the fly that aren't in the key of E or A
Freestyling fills like Jake E lee or any of the blues gods.
Different rhythm styles

I don't know where to start or even how to approach any of these problems. Any tips?
19 Jan 2011
Hey guys, need your advice.

My main guitar is always in standard E tuning with 10-46 string gauge, it feels perfekt. This guitar is 25.5" scale length.
I want to tune down my other guitar to D (this guitar is shorter 24.75" scale (gibson scale)), and I wonder what string gauge would equal the tension I have on my standard guitar in standard E tuning.

I hope I explain it correctly. The second guitar is tuned to D at the moment with 10-46 strings, and the strings just flap around and feel very loose. I play a lot worse on this guitar because of the strings. It's worst on the low bass strings, but the higher strings also feel very loose.

Is 11-48 too much for D tuning? I remember reading about a 10.5-48 set somewhere, but can't remember what brand they were.

What string gauge do you guys use for D-tuning compared to E-tuning?

Take care

23 Aug 2010
Hey guys, you got myself Trilian Bass VST, want to add some bass to my song ideas.
Having trouble editing midi with trilian tho. I use ableton live.
If for instance I make 8 quarter notes in a row, Trilian plays them very sort of staccato, not at all what I want, I want a smooth sound.
Any ideas?
2 Jul 2010
Hey guys, i'm just in love with Jeff Waters guitar-sound from the 2 first Annihilator albums (alice in hell and never neverland), anyone got any ideas how to get close to that sound with pedals??
It's not overly distorted and has nice separation of notes in chords. And also great chunkiness, just an overall awersome trash sound! And Jeff's a great guitarist too, that's for sure.
5 May 2010
Hey guys, been having some issues with my left hand a while now. Went to the doctor today and it isn't too bad just need to rest my arm a short while. (the problem apparently isn't really my hand but probably a muscle in the arm has become swollen and is pinching a nerve).

Anyhoo, was freaking out about feeling weird in my hand and read some posts here and on other places about injuries, stretching the hands, warming up etc.

I do always stretch and warm up when picking up the guitar, however quite a few people seemed to think "cooling down" was a good idea. How do I do that on guitar? I mean should I end with playing easier stuff? stretch when I put the guitar down?

What's your thoughts?
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