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6 Nov 2017
I have a non-powered Kemper, been using an Electro-voice ZLX12p for rehearsals and gigs. Not been to happy with that setup - the EV is a descent PA speaker but it doesn't really do justice to the Kemper. So I've been looking for a not too expensive replacement and failed... but then I saw that some people were using a Boss Katana as a powered cab for their Kempers. I ordered the 100w 1x12 version, thinking I can always return it if I'm not happy - well, 3 weeks later and I haven't even connected the Kemper yet.

Why? Because the Katana sounds great on its own! I have tried out on rehearsals and this coming wednesday I'll give a try on a gig. I must say that I'm kinda surprised over the features and the sound quality that Boss have packed into the Katana. You have access to 5 different amp setting (acoustic, clean, crunch, lead and brown) but there another bunch of amp simulations available as well. You line record straight into your sound card. You have power control so you can set it at 0.5, 50 or 100 watts. And with Boss Tone Studio you have access to a wide array of effect pedals and EQ options.

Well, now it sounds like I'm trying to sell this thing... smile.gif Another thing, that I have thought about when out on gigs is the risk of gear getting damaged or even stolen. The Kemper might sound better but it's also way more expensive and would be really easy to snatch as its so small.
8 Jul 2017
I broke a string on my SG so I changed all the strings today. Same gauge (009) but went from Earnie Ball to Dean Markley. I also learned that the Titanium adjustable zero-fret nut is loose as it fell of... anyways, when I tuned up the guitar the high e-string was fretbuzzing all the way: both when playing loose but also across the full fretboard. And the D string had some of it too but not as much.

So Im no luthier... figured maybe I should adjust the nut (thinking maybe something happend when it fell) but realized I had no tool that fits, suppose its a small hex key. So I raised the bridge slighty and the e was a little better but not good and I think the D turned slightly worse... and I checked that the tuners were tightened as I had the strings off.

I have never had a problem like when changing strings before, intonation yes, fret buzz never. And on just two strings, I guess that rules out the truss rod. Anyone whos more skilled than me who has any tips? Otherwise I will have to turn it into the local music store and they are rather pricey (100 - 150 euros for a setup!)
27 Jun 2017

So, will you kill me for posting about a bass here? rolleyes.gif To be honest I haven't had a good bass ever. I have a Samick, bought in the 90's that sounded good alone but always stood out in the mix and I never got around to switch the pups. Then I got a Squier Jazz Bass - thought I'd like it as I have a friend who owns a Fender Jazz Bass but they weren't even close. Changed pickup but still didn't do it for me so I traded it for 5-string Ibanez. 5-strings, I thought, that gotta be cool as h*ll in heavy tunes! Well, maybe it is and I don't know if it's me who don't know how to do it or if it's the bass but the 5th string sound like crap... whatever I play it just goes 'mumblerumblemumble'.

So, I got a really good rig pack from a my friend Time at LRP - it's profiles from a Trace Eliott amp - got inspired and started looking at Harley Benton basses. And they have a Thunderbird model but after watching some reviews where they kinda pointed to the Epiphone Thunderbird I ordered one.

Great? No. I ordered the cheapest model, which is OK but not as good as the classic IV Pro. *sigs* So I contacted them (gear4music) and we arranged it so now an alpine white T-bird is on it's way. biggrin.gif

Any other T-bird/F-bird lovers here?

18 Jun 2017
So, I have a Gibson LP from 76, it the one guitar I have had for the longest time, think I bought it in 1985/6 and for really good price as well. Anyways, I believe its time to refret it, and I guess should... as its a real old retainer. But it seems to be incredibly expensive. Not that I'm cheap but I've gotten prices from about 500-600 euros (600 euro is about 670 Usd) and if I've understood it correctly it the binding on the neck that makes it expensive...

So, I guess I just wanted to get some opinions or a discussion going. Is it really that expensive or am I being had? And I know, the logical answer is if I really like the guitar its worth it, right?

I guess so but hey for that price I could kill some GAS and get a brand new guitar in the 600-700 euro price range, for example one of those LP Tributes which seems really cool. Or a used ESP Eclipse that I wanted for a long time... decisions... rolleyes.gif
14 Jun 2017

Been a bit inactive last couple of weeks, painting my house and stuff like... non-important non-guitar stuff... rolleyes.gif

Anyways, tested out some profiles from Live Ready Profiles and got a bit inspired but felt I wanted some input - should I finish this? Any input is welcome!
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