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12 Dec 2010
Hey.. again..

all right, some of you might remember me, though maybe it's just an illusion I have xD, but anyway, I've been gone for quite some time, due to final exams at high school and starting at the university, but I kind of lost my guitarvibe and in stead of playing every day for a least an hour I only picked up the guitar for an hour or 2 every week. (I know it's bad). But I really wanna come back. I realized I've lost a lot of my speed and precision so I've got a lot of work to do.
another goal for me is to learn music theory. It's a thing I''ve neglected to do ever since I started playing the guitar (9 years ago) and I've never really looked into it.
I'ts been a year now since I really lost it and now I'm back, with some piano skills I picked up on the way too tongue.gif

anyway, I really look forward to get myself up to my old level and beyond and I know I can count on you guys for help on that.

biggrin.gif feels good to be back!!

6 Dec 2009
Heey GMC,

Maybe some of you can still remember me but i've been a member for quite a long time now, sadly i've been to busy to be very active around the site (school, girl-friend, school, friends, school.. in my final year of high school now)

in my absent time i've done quite a lot, i learned to play the piano and it goes pretty well biggrin.gif, picked up the bass guitar, formed a new band in which i play guitar, bass and piano (not at the same time laugh.gif ) and got a girlfriend biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif,

i'm gonna try to become more active again on the forum and hope you guys will see me posting here more often until you're annoyed by me tongue.gif

now for the help part,
when me and my girl where dating for 6 months i gave here a necklace with a V-pick on it (cost me 2 picks until I drilled it wright dry.gif ) I also told here I would engrave something in it later on because i hadn't had the time to do that yet... now 1.5 month later i still didn't do it blink.gif sad.gif, and I feel really bad.
I want to engrave something in it but not the simple I love you, but I just don't know what else i can write.. do you guy's perhaps have an idea i can put on the pick??

you know the size so no full sentences tongue.gif
I probably will think of something myself in the next day's but perhaps you guys can give me an inspiration boost wink.gif

See you soon!!

19 Jun 2009
Hey guys,

I'm in my fifth year of high school and at the end of this year i have to make a report. this is the biggest and most important report i will have to make in my highschool career.
i chose for this report allergies as subject. and especially the heredity of allergies.
i made a survey for this report and my question now is if you guys could fill it in.
it is quite important to have as many people to fill it in as possible. if you don't know an answer or don't want to fill one in you can just leave it open.
you can either post your answers here or pm me.

thanks in advance biggrin.gif


1. Do you have an allergy: yes/no, if answered yes, which

2. Do you have brothers or sisters with an allergy, if answered yes, which

3. Does your father or mother have an allergy, if answered yes, which

4. does your grandfather or grandmother have an allergy, if answered yes, which

5. Do you have medicines for you allergy? (if answered no, continue at 7)

6. How often do you use these medicines?

7. What limitations do you encounter daily?

8. For how long have you had your allergy?

9. When did you discover you had an allergy?

Timon Eekel
1 Jan 2009
Hey GMC's

i just came across these guys on youtube, I think they make pretty good acoustic versions of the more popular songs

check them out wink.gif

30 Dec 2008
Hey guys,

Within the month i will turn 17 and my parents want to give me an semi-acoustic guitar, cause they want to hear the acoustic sound a bit more then they do now laugh.gif so i went looking for a good one and found this one

does any of you guys know how it's like, and if it's a good idea to buy it tongue.gif

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