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14 Feb 2019
I'm not the type who gets emotional and stuff but I really wanted to say it out loud to everyone. I joined GMC by pure luck of the draw but I'm really enjoying my time here. Currently, I'm going through really tough days, not just university but also some very personal stuff. Playing guitar is the only thing apart from driving that makes me genuinely happy but also it's the best therapy I could ask for and I probably need one right now. It's great to have a refuge from it all and to me GMC is such place, or more specifically everyone at GMC I was lucky to meet because we are GMC. So thank you, everyone!

Also, I'm sorry for taking so long with the lessons you recommended to me, Gabriel. I'll do my best to post some takes when it gets a little better.
8 Feb 2019
Today I came across term "negative harmony" but the article didn't explain anything. It's only point was more or less "It's something abstract and unnecessary. You're not a genius, so just avoid it." It didn't even explain what to avoid. It sounds like something too advanced for someone at my stage of learning but I'm still curious.

Could anyone explain what negative harmony is, at least in the most basic way to help me get the general idea behind it?
25 Jan 2019
Let us all take 6:12 of our time and appreciate it. I was amused by flamenco guitar, though I can't play it myself and this is simply the best! I like the Spanish flavour it gives to the song.

20 Jan 2019
Hi! I've had Kustom Arrow 16 for about ten years and today I noticed a weird sound (not the speaker's pop) when turning it off. I don't think it was there before, I mean I'd probably hear it over 10 years. Could it mean the amp is starting to break? It sounds alright when I play through it, nothing weird there, but as I'm saying, there's something when I switch it off. I'm not sure if that's the right word but it sounds a little hiss-like to me. I'll post a recording maybe, during my next session.
16 Jan 2019
Hello! Currently I'm studying Albinoni's Adagio and I'm wondering what is it that makes it tick. I can hear a Natural Minor scale as well as Harmonic Minor. I know there are more pieces like this, so I'm wondering how does it happen. In modern music these two not necessarily get along well. These scales are different in 7th step, so it's not even about modes.

How can I learn to use them interchangeably and still make it sound good? My friend says there's a classical harmony on which all the classical pieces are built and there's a modern harmony that's like "It's good as long as it sounds good. Doesn't need to fit the classical rules." But he doesn't want to elaborate.

My only idea is: the certain chords in the background could make the #7 sound well; but how to do it without any backing track? I'm familiar with both scales quite well for a beginner but I can only use them separately. What should I learn to be able to combine them?

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