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21 Dec 2007
i just bought a digitech rp350 the other day at guitar center, and have been loving it quite a bit. but just a few minutes ago, i realized it was getting more and more difficult to push the pedal down that controls the wah effect. when i first opened up the box and started messing with it, it was really easy and hardly required any effort to manipulate the pedal, but now it's taking a lot of effort and i'm afraid it'll get stuck pretty soon. i'd rather not have to return it, but i will if this is not a normal thing that happens to pedals.

is there an easy way to loosen up the pedal on my own? maybe loosening a screw or something?
17 Dec 2007
hey guys!

after hearing a really amazing guitarist playing with pedals the other day, i decided that i'd like to get a pedal to play around with myself! the only problem (so far!) is, i've heard a lot of bad things about trying to play pedals on solid state amps. i currently have a fender fm 25 DSP ( Amp Specs ) and am quite worried that the pedal i'd like to get won't work well with it. the dunlop 535q crybaby, that is.

has anyone tried a similar effect pedal on a solid state amp before? what were the results? was it a lower quality sound, or was it just flat out terrible to listen to? or was there no real difference?

i'd like to upgrade to a tube amp in the near future, but i've got a few more months to work until i've got enough money for a tube amp i'd really like to buy (in the $1000 range), but i'd really like to play around with that wah in the meantime.

any responses are welcome! smile.gif
1 Dec 2007
hey guys!

i've had a problem for a while and it's really starting to bug me now that i'm restringing an old acoustic and it's happening again! every time i go to restring a guitar, it winds up that it tunes in the reverse! like, the tuning peg has to go downward to raise the pitch of a string. i'm not sure if that changes the sound of the guitar at all, but it's very counter-intuitive to me and i've had a lot of friends that have the same problem, so i'm assuming i'm not the only one in this boat. smile.gif

can anyone help me out with this?
21 Oct 2007
hey muris! i was just practicing your mixolydian lessons again, trying to really memorize the mixolydian scale but i seem to be having some trouble. i've never attempted to learn a scale without boxes to help me (i'm not sure if that's bad or not) so i'm having some difficulty playing around with the mixolydian and i fear i may be practicing this scale incorrectly. i've tried making my own boxes for it but to be honest, i don't feel i'm very good at this and am very confused. are there any ways to make memorizing a scale like this easier? should i just try to memorize each note of the scale until i eventually get the whole thing?
18 Oct 2007
lately, i've been feeling like i really want to play in a band. i've been in a few, but they were all comprised of pretty much the same few buddies of mine and were fun for a while but ultimately broke up. the last one i was in split about two months ago, and that's just a bit too long to be band inactive i think. smile.gif

i'm wondering how everyone joined some of the bands that they've been in or are in currently. i'm at a loss as to where to begin with finding a brand new band and i could use some help if anyone is willing to shed some light on this topic. biggrin.gif
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