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20 Feb 2010
A7X will bring out their new album, with Mike Portnoy (DT) on drums:

"I want our fans to know that with Jimmy in our hearts, our journey to record has officially began. Jimmy helped leave this world an amazing gift and now it's our job to make sure to deliver that gift to our fans. We asked Jimmy's all time favorite drummer Mike Portnoy to record on behalf of him. Mike said it would be an honor and without question that’s what Jim would have wanted. Its comforting to us that someone like Mike, who is undoubtedly revered as one of the best drummers in the world, held such respect and adoration for the Rev's abilities. Even though it will never be the same without our brother by our side, his essence lives in our hearts and through the music he helped create. He was a legend before any of the success or any of that bullshit and we are fucking excited to lay this down for our fans, and especially for Jimmy.
-Avenged Sevenfold"

Looking forward to it.
26 Jan 2010
Many things have been written about it, but I can't seem to draw the right conclusion... so here goes smile.gif

I'd like to add some proper effects to my current setup. I currently have a Engl Thunder Reverb 50 tube amp with a foot switch (just so you know), a dunlop crybaby and a boss distortion pedal (hardly ever use that one) which I can add to the FX loop... (with a Schecter C1 Classic and a Fender US strat btw)

I really like the sound of my amp and the distortion I can get by just using the gain on this amp. However, I'd like to add more effects to it. My first thought was to get a good delay effect (first one I'd like to add; thinking about a Boss DD20), but then I thought, why not get a good multi-effect pedal board, like the Boss GT-10 or the Line6 X3 Live and have it all in one?

Benefits I saw for getting this, apart from the numerous effects, is that I can also use it properly for my bass guitars (at least the Line6), and maybe for some vocals as well (though that is of minor importance). I currently add all kinds of effects only when I'm recording on my Mac, not through the amp directly, and I'd really like to just play on my amp (either Engl for guitar or my bass amp) and get my delays, etc going...

But then I read all kinds of stuff about using multi-effects in front of a tube-amp, not all too positive, and now I'm not so sure anymore.

I understand I should just go to a store and try it out, but I'd like to get your feedback on this in general. Basically, I can gradually expand my effects one by one, or spent about EUR 450 for a Line6 or Boss multi FX board and be done (well...).. but without giving up my tube amp sound.

as you can see, not too much experience with FX smile.gif

any feedback appreciated...

31 Dec 2009
Didn't know I could put it in the REC programme, but here it is, first vid for me at GMC... Hope I did the poll right...

29 Dec 2009
I've been thinking about creating my own guitar from scratch (not a build-kit, but actually creating your own body, neck, etc.) for a while now. Timewise, it will probably take me forever, given that I hardly have any time left to do it, but that's not my main worry.

I'm worried that if I spent an x amount on the parts (wood, tools, pickups etc.), I'll end up with a guitar that sounds like 1/2x in stead of 2x and therefore will just be fun to look it, but I'd never play it. For example, I have a EUR 800 Schecter C-1 Classic, which I really like (soundwise and playability vs the cost), but if I spent, say, EUR 400 on material for building my own guitar, I'll be lucky if it sounds like a EUR 200 guitar, in stead of getting close to the Schecter.

No matter how proud I'd be to have created my own guitar (as a unique object), I'll probably end up never playing it. And that to me is not worth it.

Does anyone have experience on this matter? I'd love to hear your experience or thoughts on this; and possibly prevent me from going down a path that is leading to nowhere smile.gif
17 Dec 2009
I couldn't resist and had to post pics of my eldest daughter, 8 yrs old, in her first schoolband performance. She's just getting in to playing guitar, but at least she's getting most of the chords right that she needed for playing the christmas songs biggrin.gif

Funny to see your own blood getting into music. Really proud dad, obviously smile.gif. And my youngest daughter (last pic) was there to watch as well, of course, but she rather plays the drums... cool.gif
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