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Jason Becker is a Genius.
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31 years old
Lappeenranta, Finland
Born Feb-11-1990
My passion is in Classical and Neo-classical Instrumentals, but I listen almost anything with guitar in it. Other hobbies are using my brain(you may find it hard to believe if you've been to the chatroom with me, but it is) and going to the gym.
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1 Sep 2009
Yeah, I was just wondering if someone you guys knew where to find this parody video, of Yngwie Malmsteen.
I remember I saw it on youtube, but now I can't find it anywhere... wacko.gif

So, it had Yngwie like giving a lesson or something and it was edited so Yngwie would say some silly things like:
"Check this out kids, I'm your new god..." *Playing...a brief stop "I'm your new god!" *continues playing...

It's not the best description, but maybe someone would be able to help. happy.gif

Speaking of Yngwie(old I know)

Yngwie and God got into a little fight at a local grill late last friday night.
Who won?
It's a trick question, Yngwie is God!
23 May 2009
You guys gotta hear this dude screaming or... "tearing it up!" cool.gif

You know, before metal was invented, this was the only kind of music we ever listened in Finland wink.gif
Yes, it was a joke

23 Dec 2008

It sounds really pretty actually, but...
How do you like... do that? huh.gif
13 Nov 2008
I know I love it! cool.gif


Viisi laukausta päähän(Five shots to the head):

Paha Arkkitehti(Bad/Evil Architect)

More to be found on youtube!

Many times I've heard foreigner's Talk how much they like the Finnish metal band's but, I've never heard them commenting about Stam1na, so this is especially for the non-Finnish.

So, Enjoy and Comment my friends! smile.gif
1 Nov 2008
In my opinion:
a 19 yo Jason Becker, We need more polls in Gmc and Oh... I would have just wasted them...

I'm eagerly waiting for some results. wink.gif
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19 Aug 2008 - 16:59
Hey man hows it going? I see that one of your pictures is a JAckson Kelly. Do you own one?
26 May 2008 - 3:39
Glad to hear that you're okay man :) Welcome back :)
8 May 2008 - 9:11
Hey, i missed u!! Dont kill yourself without telling me first O.K? (so i can kill myself too!) lol
7 May 2008 - 12:30


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