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11 Apr 2009
Ok, so i have an RG4, and i need to replace the strings... i read the manual carefully and did everything it told me to, but still whenever i tighten the locking nut and move on to the next string, the last two i tuned go out of tune. it says i should tune/change strings one by one, but this is impossible since the locking nut has 3 pressure pads, 1 for each pair of strings, so i have to do it two by two. i'm finally fed up with it since i spent about 3 hours on it last night, and a couple today as well, it's pissing me off pretty bad, please, i need help.
26 Feb 2009
So i would like to start recording audio/video, but i have no clue where to start. i want a very cost effective solution, because i currently have no source of income, and only about $36.54 on hand (of course i don't expect to solve my problem with just $37, but you know) i suppose i want to know-

-Should i buy a mic, or is there a more cost effective alternative to record audio?

-What kind of camera should i get? (I'm totally in the dark with this one, i have no idea what kind of video recording thing i should get. i have a digital one that can record video, but it only lasts 46 seconds.)

-What kind of program should i use? i currently have a copy of Cubase my uncle gave me awhile ago, but a friend of mine told me that i can't use it in accordance with video recording. (???)

As you can see, i do have some light in this metaphorical cave, but I'm pretty far in. Any help at all would greatly be appreciated! wink.gif
14 Feb 2009
-snip- realized it was my setup, my bad
28 Dec 2008
So I ordered an Ibanez RG4 because it just looked so good, and i've heard some pretty good things about it. It happened to be a perfect priced guitar for me, so i got it. I've heard many many good things about Ibanez as well, and have been told an RG would be the best choice for me at the moment. I was confident until i heard about the tremolo... mad.gif

But i mean, i see so much being said about the Edge III, i've heard that it's real good, and i've heard that it's REAL bad, and I want to know if I made the right choice in getting it. I know that i'll want to change to an OFR eventually, but i want to know the truth about the Edge III so i know what to expect. Should i just go ahead and order an OFR?

I hope that it will be manageable either way, I mean, I don't want to be another one of those people who spend hours tuning/restringing their guitars and crying about the Edge III... ( atleast this is what i've been told, I doubt that it's THAT bad ) huh.gif
28 Nov 2008
Ok, so i want to order a custom, let's say, Gibson Flying V w/ H-S-H evolution pickup config, and floyd rose tremolo a few of the features... i know that gibson has a custom shop, but i've been told the wait is extremely long. I also want unorthadox features like a 32 fret neck, which i don't know anything about these people so i assume that they would never do this, atleast not without slapping on an extra FORTUNE to the cost. That's why i ask if anyone else does this sort of thing other than Gibson?
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