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11 Oct 2007
Hi there!

Are there any lessons at especially designed to learn barrees?

I´ve got very big problems with those kinds of grasps, as my indexfinger doesn´t press all strings evenly. Some strings are always stummed, so they don´t give the sound, I expect them to give.

This is quite unproblematic, when I press "regular" barree-grasps as F or B, because here two or three strings are pressed by other fingers than the indexfinger. So it´s quite easy to press the remaining 3 or 4 strings with the indexfinger in barree. But when I play advanced chords, where it is nessecary to press each and every string with the barree-indexfinger, some strings, especially the D- and G-string,
are stummed and not pressed sufficiently.
I am able to solve this problem by pressing the indexfinger very very hard on the strings, but I´m afraid, this is not the very best way to solve this problem, not least as this very hard pressure normaly leads into cramp after a while...

Anyone out there having an idea, how to solve my barree-problem?
Hope so!

8 Oct 2007
Hi all!

I´m on the lookout for something like a metronome, which not only gives me a tick-tack-tick-tack-thing, but something simular to a real drummer.
That is, because that tick-tack-thing isn´t enough for me to stay in rhythm! All the time, I use a simple metronome, I don´t really concentrate/feel the beat; other, if I use something like Steinberg´s Grooveagent as "metronome"... But, unfortunately, I don´t have my computer with me, all the time, so I can´t use Grooveagent, most of the time...

So... does anyone know, if there are metronomes on the market, which simulate something like a drum-track?
Hope so!

Thanks in advance!

5 Oct 2007
Hi anybody!

As thankful, as I am - regarding all your advices and good words, I received in the last days - I wanna tell you, that I guess, I´ve found the reason for my frustration, for my lack of motivation...

I played stuff/lessons, I am not made for and that I didn´t really like, moreover.
And because I didn´t manage those riffs (and that was surely just because I didn´t like them (or vice versa?)), I tried to play them again and again and again and again, hoping to solve the problem this way... but everything got worse by doing so... I cramped...

Now, after pushing the named lessons into waste-basket, I feel like having some kind of new freedom and, more than this, a bunch of new motivation... even more, I´ve found those kinds of lessons, I really like, and the guitar-style, that is the optimum for me... I´ve found it in the Jazz, Country & Blues section... I guess, that´s my style...

Thanks to Gabriel for those great Blues Licks 1 to 3... fantastic... MY STYLE... or, at least, the style, I wanna get better in...

And many thanks to fkalich, muris, DeepRoots, jammer91, MickeM, steve25, Kosei, Jerry, Wallimann, Andrew and Slammer for your helpful answers to my f*** a.k.a. frustration-thread...
I´m really pleased by all your helpfulness...
3 Oct 2007
The more I practice the lessons, I have on my schedule, the less I can play them...

That is so fatiguing... so dismotivating...

Does anyone else out there has that feeling...
What about your practice-schedules? Do you practice every day or, e.g., only each second day or what?

edited by Kris for language in topic title
30 Sep 2007
Hi Kris!

As the beginner, I am, at the moment I study the patterns of your "Marty Friedman style arpeggio lesson".

Hereby, especially at pattern No. 3, my fingers cramp, without that I am noticing this while playing, but mostly afterwards.
Especially here


I have to be very carefully, that my middlefinger on b-string doesn´t touch (slightly) the e-string at picking the e-string at 7th or 11th fret... And I am quite sure, that trying to avoid middlefingers touch on e-string leads in my cramp.

Do you have any ideas, how to avoid the cramping?

Greetings from Berlin,

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