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Milano, Italy!!
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Uhmmm..... Guitar maybe? :D I have an Ibanez S470 and it rocks... But the whammy bar is broken :( coupled with an awful Crate GT15 ( i hope to change it soon!!!). If i had the money i'd buy a new amplifier, my guitar sounds huge on my teacher's 10w practice amp!!! He's got an amp called "Blue Note" (don't know the brand) which sounds awesome!!
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20 Feb 2008
Hi Muris,
I'd like to ask you a question.
I'm trying to learn your awesome Neoclassical Extreme lesson, but I've got a couple of doubts. I can now play the first video at 38 bpm (1/4 of original) and i'm wondering if I should proceed to the next video or if I should first get the first part up to let's say 70bpm. Is it better to learn it all albeit very slow or to get all the parts to slowest backing speed before proceding?

Thanks a lot!! smile.gif
27 Oct 2007
Hello there to all of you at GMC!! smile.gif

I just registered now and wanted to introduce myself.....!!

I'm 17 years old and I live in Italy, i've been playing for about 2 years of which 9 months seriously.... That was since I got my new guitar, an Ibanez S470 which I currently use, before I had a Yamaha RG copy but it had a lot of problems and discouraged me a lot. All through my Crate GT15.... I know it's a very cheap and beginnerish amp but i quite like the sound!

The lessons here are great!!! Looks like everyone has enormous musical preparation and can contribute in all styles which is wonderful!!

I like fast music and my dream would be to be able to play it!! And I think GMC is the best place to do so...!
I like mostly metal music, my favourite bands are Children Of Bodom, Symphony X, Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody (old!), In Flames (old!), old Metallica!! But i do like instrumental music too, as long as it's interesting (not only guitar but piano also)

I'm already crunching some of the more basic exercise lessons here, before attempting the more complex ones! I've used the metronome before.... and ironically I started using it when I read something from Kris on! My picking's astronomically slow, at 120 bpm cleanly... but tremolo is at 150 so my left hand always gets tired before my right! So I'll have to work on that lazy left hand!
My dream would be to be comparable with my teacher, who is very good, but he's veery bluesy, although he can do some very speedy and precise legato runs i'd like to learn Alternate Picking and Sweeping too!

I've been lurking the site while waiting for my credit card for a long time and I really like the idea of being able to actually speak with all of these great instructors! (and you guys at the forum!)

Great Joining here!! biggrin.gif James
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