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21 Sep 2008
Hi there

I'm really a recording/software-beginner, dunno if this is possible or not. My question is if its possible to extract a drumtrack from Guitar pro and in some way get it played with the drums from EzDrummer DFH.
9 May 2008
Just bought a Toneport UX2 device, and want o hook it up with Guitar Rig Application and any random recording application. I have Guitar Rig as a standalone client, workin good, can hear sound and such. But when i start any of my recording apps it says anything like "Failed to open ASIO Toneport UX2" (Ableton), "Error Intializing ASIO driver"(Reaper). Works if i have Guitar rig turned off, or use Gearbox instead of GR. I like GR much better than Gearbox tho.

Any ideas?

edit. Or am i forced to use GR as a VST in my recording apps?
8 May 2008
Just got my Toneport UX2, works like a charm! But, as i see the footswitchjacks are the same as on the V-amp, i wonder if i can use the vamp switch with the toneport?
7 May 2008
Just got my new guitar from a string change (.9's) and setup from the local music store. When i play on the B-string i can hear a buzz, that is coming from the bridge. From the string lock screw to be exact. When i stike the string while lightly tightening/pushing i with my finger it disappears. Can i do something about this or should i go back to the store, or should i just dont care about it?

29 Apr 2008
So, i got me a new guitar recently, a pretty expensive one. And now i want an amp of some sort, that compares to the quality of the guitar (my behringer pod does not sound very good).

I want to be able to achieve different sounds because i play several playstyles

Ive been lookin at the Line6's Pod X3 Live. Ive seen folks with it here, and i would like some opinions. Can i hook it up with a cabinet, a monitor speaker or whatever, to get the same "effect" as a standard combo amp? Because im tired of always being forced to use headphones, or my crappy computer speakers. (But i really need headphone jack tho, cant always play loud)
I really like the possibility to record to the computer, and the ability to have so many sounds in one unit.
But how does it sound compare to real amps? (1000$~)
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