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17 Oct 2009
Hi, i think we all can agree on that kais lessons has been truly awesome (all of them). im learning one of his lesson:

Im having trouble with the video 5, i dont know how he plays the rhythm. He plays the example only once quite fast so i had hard times grasping it.

it would be really helpful if someone of you could post a audio just showing how to play it slow. (i tried the guitar pro file, didnt work)

thanks in advance smile.gif
11 Aug 2009
Hello! Im trying to learn some theory in blues now. Yesterday, I came across a blues theory video at youtube. Im quite new to theory so i really would like you to help me with this questions cuz they make complete no sense to me.

He sais like this (12 bar blues progression):

"In the key of A we call the A chord for the one chord or the tonic chord, based on the first note scale.."

Does he talk about the penta scale? If I play in the key of E, would that make the E chord the one chord aswell, based on where i started the progression?

"When you go to the fourth note of the scale, you have a D. We call it a four chord"

But if i play the penta at the key of A, the D is the third note....?Why do you call it a four chord?
E ------5----8

"Then the E is right next to the D, so we call it the five chord."

Um....I dont get it....Do i measure the notes from the penta scale or what. Why is it called the the five chord? And how can it be right next to D? Dont we have flats or sharps in between?

"And 1, 4, 5 is the foundation of what we call blues."

I guess he's reffering to the chords. But if i was playing in the key of E, Would that make it 1,4,5 or would the notes be different?

"We call this chord the ninth chord (B9 for turnaround), And the reason is because it contains an extra note, its called the ninth."

Could someone explain to me what the ninth note is?

I know that quite a lot to answer in one Go, but i would really appreciate if you help me with this.

Thanks in advance smile.gif

10 Aug 2009
Heya! I would love if someone could do a lesson about turnaround licks in the style of srv. I just love his open E turnarounds and it would be awesome if someone could make a lesson about typical srv turnarounds smile.gif
9 Aug 2009
Hello! I was in the mood of subscribing to 12 issues of guitar world magazine (including 12 cds.)

When i entered the card number and pressed the subscribe button a error occured. It said that "This page isnt currently working right now. Please check if you have cookies blah blah blah....

Did i get rip off? Here is the site:
27 Jul 2009
Hello, im struggling with a lick/exercise that i have been practicing on. I see two variations of this lick but i dont know which to choose. Here is the lick (in the legato way)

E --------------------------------------
B ------8p6---------------------------
G --------------8p7p5h7------------
D ---------------------------------------
A ---------------------------------------
E ---------------------------------------

I could practice the lick with legato, or i could practice it with economy picking like this:

(Down pick)(upstroke)(Down pick)
E --------------------------------------------
G --------------8p7----------5h7----------------
D ---------------------------------------------
A ---------------------------------------------
E ---------------------------------------------

The idea is to play this exercise over and over in a fast pace - a shred lick. What way would you prefer, why? What are the difference between the lick, tonalilty wise aswell as technical

Thanks in advance smile.gif
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