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10 Mar 2008
Oh my god! amazing, and one of the most melodic ive ever heard, if you don't know who he is, listen to these songs NOWWWW!

The Air that i Breathe solo from 2:29 to 2:56

Not Alone solo from 1:50-2:20

Empty Inside solo from 1:40- 2:00

Indictment solo from 2:20-2:40 (Elements of Kirk Hammett)

We Stand solo from 2:13-2:49

I just wish he had longer solos...
3 Feb 2008
What's up! I just finished my first guitar wiki article and it's on Eddie Van Halen. I just submitted it with no pictures because I asked how to in the wiki writers rank section but no one answered. So I figured it was fairly lengthy and everything else checked out so I submitted it.

Then, I realized that I could start a topic to ask that and a few other questions;
1. How do you submit pics? (I tried reading the directions, but I don't have a clue what they mean, I'm very technologically impaired)
2. Is it OK that I submitted my first article without the other 4 I will need to eventually become a wiki writer?
3. Can I submit more than 1 pic?
4. Is there a minimum length limit for articles? (Obviously 1 sentence won't work but you understand).

If anyone can answer any of these questions tell me. Rock On GMC!
1 Feb 2008
What's up!!!
I'm pretty excited I'm getting a new amp in a few months which is a while, but i was wondering what kind i should get.

I play metal, not incredibly hardcore, about as hard as metallica(that doesn't mean we sound alot like them although i've heard do a little, i've also heard we sound kind of like tool) in most songs. I want an amp with at least 50 watts
and it should probly cost around $500-600.

I don't necessarily want anything too versatile, but something with a true metal sound with really good distortion.
It could be any type of amp but i don't have any head amps so don't suggest a stack or cabinet without a head for it.

If i'm asking to much for a $500-600 budget tell me although i don't believe i asked for much.

I was going to get a line 6 spider 3, but i heard it's great at first but ends up being a rip. If this is wrong tell me, although
i still don't think i'll be getting one.
1 Feb 2008
Sorry if I'm overdoing with the topic starting (i started another a few topics down) but i'm doing a tapping exercise that goes like this.

On low E string

--- T-----------T------------T-----------T--------------T
A -----------------------------6h7h9h10p6h7h9h10
E 9p5h6h8h9p5h6h8h9

and so on up the strings which is normal. My problem is on the string skipping. I would've just hit the 9th fret on the E and then go to the A string to start on the 6. I'm wondering how i hit the 6, if i should first tap the 10th fret and pull off or hit the 6 hard with my 1st finger. The thing is if i tap the 10 and pull off my right hand must go from the 9 i would have just tapped on the E to the 10 on the next string so i'd have to move my hand very fast, but maybe that's how everybody has to do it.

I understand this may be hard to follow so for questions just ask (ill restate entire question in a different way if i must). Also i highlighted the part that i'm curious about if that helps.
31 Jan 2008
What's up Gmcr's

I know that lesson requests should be posted for a certain instructor in the instructor boards but I want a lesson in the style of a popular guitarist but not one many may know. I didn't want to ask an instructor whose never heard of this guitarist try to do a lesson on his techniques so I decided to put it in here and pray not to be flamed mercilessly.

The guitarist I'm curious about is Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates who is fairly popular for some and won some awards, but as far as I know fairly unrecognized. He uses lots of harmonizing and a special sort of slide he makes sound like it's SNARLING. I always have wondered if it's the guitar or vibrato during the slide or something else.

Heres some videos of synyster from youtube.
In particular 1 minute -2 minute (chorus followed by solo) Beast and Harlot

2:17 - 3:17 (solo, please tell if you know how he does the bends at 2:26) Bat Country

Whole song, one of my favorites, Afterlife (just realized that these are some kids acting but this is Avenged Sevenfold playing they just took the song and pasted it over themselves)

Just to name a few many cool things in other songs but thats plenty to make a lesson of. G2g, (please tell me if I'm not the only A7X fan here lol).
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