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61 years old
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Nottingham UK
Born July-29-1960
duh, let me think - yeah Guitar.
Keen cook - was trained as a chef many years ago.
Water colour painting (dont do much these days)
have started playing golf for some excercise (lots of walking into the rough to look for balls)
reading fiction, crime novels etc
computers - well the internet.
making music
reading this forum.
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4 Mar 2007
Well, I have been playing with Cubase,

Thanks to Andrew Cockburn who has spent way too much of his time tutoring me me through the difficult bits I have managed to throw a recording together.

Of course its a bit "Floydian" - what else did you expect !!!!?

I re-mastered it - it came out in mono - now for your stereophonic listening pleasure......Attached File  Madly_Zirconian_02.mp3 ( 2.37MB ) Number of downloads: 523
9 Feb 2007
I have recorded my latest effort for you all to listen to.

I know its not perfect, I have been practicing this for the last 2 days and have the timing about perfect but I can hear I could do with a bit more practice to improve some of the vibrato on the bends.
The the last 2 bars are frankly pretty rubbish, That little bit is just too quick for my slow fingers, I just cant seem to get them right.
I have recorded it about a dozen times in the last 2 hours and self critiqued it lots. Anyway, this is about the best recording I could do so far.
Hopefully by next week I should be happy with it but for now, take a listen.

If you know any Gilmour/Pink Floyd stuff you will recognise the style immediately and you may even recognise a few licks in there.

** see further down the thread - I Practiced and re-posted **
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Attached File  gilmourjam.mp3 ( 1.38MB ) Number of downloads: 437
8 Feb 2007
Being a Guitarist is hard.

Anyone taking up playing the guitar has to be tough, mentally tough.

Playing guitar is not about picking up a guitar, and simply strumming a few chords

Oh no, playing guitar is so much more that that.

Playing guitar is about laying your soul bare for others to see into.
Every time you perform for someone (and that’s what playing an instrument is about, its about giving sound to someone else) you ask the audience (who may be as few as just your mum) “rate me” and believe me, they will.
You have to be mentally strong enough to take what they say. And that’s not easy.

In order to be able to strum your first acoustic 4 chord song and sound *good* to others takes 2 years of your life to practice. Those that hear you play may simply say, that was nice and walk away. No one realises the work involved, playing guitar is common currency, almost anyone it seems can do it.

Start to write or play something *original* and you need to have skin like a rhino, because you *will* get critics that dont like it.

And thats not just beginners, how many professional guitar players/bands/groups have *you* heard and said "crap" after 20 seconds and written off as rubbish?.
How many times have you heard a new bit of music by your "favourite" and thought "rubbish" and then gone on and listened more and grew to like it.
Imagine how they feel when years of practice is criticisised and rubbished by others. How strong did the Beatles have to be to keep changing style, how many people hated what they did at the time they first did it?....they had lots of critics at the time, fans hated some of their stuff when it was first released.

In order to carry on you must be able to accept criticism.

Just because someone criticises what you do, dont despair, if they dont like it, it is their problem. Keep going, only by keep putting your soul on the line can you grow as an artist. Until you have been rubbished by 5 million people you are nothing, after 5 million, someone finally says, Actually thats not bad, and suddenly everyone else thinks so too. So start collecting criticism now - and tick off each one, only 5 million to go. your nearly there, soon you will be a star.

Nest time you rubbish a guitarist, just take half a moment to think about what went into what you heard. You may not like it and thats fine. But just appreciate what work went into it.

Its easy to be a critic - no practice required.
21 Jan 2007
Check it out:

Yep, its true - Fender are losing too many sales now to Line 6 Variax's, which are apparently selling quietly a rather large amount of guitars as word is spreading about how good they are.

So Fender have jumped on the bandwagon - and teamed up with Roland to produce a copy!!
imagine that !
19 Jan 2007
Just enquiring if anyone else is suffering access/site speed problems.
I am having real problems at the moment getting pages on GMC to load, its gone very slow.
I first noticed the problem about 2 days before the server was moved and today it seems really bad. I seems odd that its still bad even though the server has moved?.

I have no problems with any other site - I have been loading lots of other sites pages just to check if its a general problem but for me its just GMC and not a general internet problem.

I am sure Kris would want to know if its widespread so that he can investigate if there is a problem.
If everyone else is OK, then I guess its my ISP thats the problem and I can look there to try to resolve it.
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