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18 May 2008
Hey guys, I want to know if somebody knows some kind of "liquid wood"material so that I can fix my neck's position... Let me explain myself...

As some of you who replied to my message about my strings being a little "moved" know, I like doing all my guitar-things by myself, even those things not lets say "noob-recommended". So I have dismantled my guitar a whole bunch of times, but to not get off-topic, I've taken the neck of my guitar out a couple of times and put it again as a normal thing... Apparently, nothing happenned, but when I recently took it out again because my strings were not in a normal position (high E like 4mm of the neck and low E almost 1 mm... blink.gif ), I discovered that the neck has more than 4 holes (1 for each screw)... The reason was that I re-screwed the neck last time but didn't do it as they were positioned before... So now I have like 8 holes, and the problem is that my neck is not as I would want it to be. I want to take it off, check the string position and rescrew it perfectly... BUT, with those holes in there, I think it would not be a wise thing to do.

So getting back to my request, now that you know my situation... Do you know if I can fill those holes with a material, let it harden, and then do what I explained so that I can set my neck straight?

Thank you guys! I appreciate any help rolleyes.gif
12 Apr 2008
Hey guys, don't know if this is the right place to post this, but it seemed to me it is.

The thing is that I got a "dismantle, repair/improve or ruin forever things" natural instinct laugh.gif and as you're already imagining, I did that with my guitar too. Everything has gone pretty well though... Changed pickups to a pir of nice EMG's myself, made a metal custom pickguard and installed it myself, and I've also calibrated and adjusted action of my guitar. I've taken out the neck too, and here's tha problem... I noticed a couple of days ago that mu high E string didn't produce powerful harmonics... So I looked closer and noticed that my strings are a little "moved" on the neck (I attached a picture for your convenience wink.gif ).

I imagine that it can be the nut, because I also moved it once when I was "exploring" my guitar tongue.gif but it could also be that I have to readjust the whole neck, because I have taken it off from the guitar, too... So I want to know if that is what is happenning with my harmonics. Is that the reason why I'm getting a very low harmonic from that string? Or is it something else? I know it's not a technique issue, because I get LOUD harmonics everywhere else...

Suggestions?... unsure.gif

EDIT: Sorry for the blood in the first pic biggrin.gif Too much passion on-stage tongue.gif
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15 Feb 2008
Hey guys! I recently saw the "Lick of the Day" contest and I SURE wanna participate.

The thing is that I'm getting a nice camera to record, but while I do so, I tried to do it on my computer.

I used like three different programs to record, but the thing is that when I play, the volume of my guitar goes low... Than lower... It's like I "saturate" my lap's soundcard.

I don't know if somebody has got this problem, and maybe it could be because of my EMG active pickups... If I'm not mistaken the output signal for this pickups is very high... Maybe I need a better soundcard if I wanna record plugged into my computer... sad.gif

Ideas to solve this? Is my "high pickups-input theory" right? dry.gif
11 Feb 2008
Hey guys!

Just wanted to know if anyone out there has got the "The Echo Song" tab!

I usually like getting songs by ear, but man, this is a HUGE song! blink.gif

I got a little guitar pro tab, but it just covers some seconds of the song... mad.gif

Can anyone PLEASE help me? unsure.gif
14 Jan 2008
Hey Muris!

I just wanted to ask you... Can you recommend me a couple of lessons from here to develop my left hand speed? The thing is that I can be proud of excellent accuracy while playing, but when it comes to shredding or fast scales or notes, I'm not that good sad.gif

Suggestions please? biggrin.gif
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