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17 Apr 2008
So, is there any racers around? I've been smashing the throttle pedal online in Live for speed ... and it has been so much fun.

If you've never heard of it, I courage you to check few videos from youtube to get a rough idea... the basic idea is to race online in a realistic environment. <- racing .. <- .. and drifting for times when the racing gets too exciting smile.gif

11 Mar 2008
Check it out, pretty cool versions of the classic Metallica songs smile.gif

The unforgiven
Enter Sandman
Fade to black

And here's the Band's website url to save you some time since you would google it anyway:

2 Mar 2008
I'm starting to get a bit annoyed with these unwanted noises while strumming. Noise comes from E, A and D strings (they're called bass strings, I think?) while moving from chord to another. I can produce the noise easily by just sliding my fingers on the strings without fretting anything (it's that *SCHWEECH* -noise... you with me? smile.gif ) Otherwise those noises wouldn't bother me but they sound horrible when listening to my recordings...

How do you handle this issue? I noticed that if I don't lift my fingers from the fretboard when switching from chord to another, the noise pretty much disappears, but the overall sound and feel changes to something else as well. I've tried to lift my fingers a bit more from the fretboard so my fingers wouldn't slide on the strings, but this is quite difficult, since I seem to get that noise almost everytime I land my fingers on the frets.

Attached ImageOr could it be that I just happen to have the crappiest strings around? smile.gif I changed a new set today, but the noise just got worse.

Would any of you have any tips to overcome this problem?

PS. I can cheat with this and just turn the drive knob to 11, but It's not really that helpful when I look for a clean sound wink.gif
11 Feb 2008
Hey ppl!

Welcome to my "first recording" thread wink.gif I've spent this evening testing and learning Reaper. This has really opened my eyes, I never thought it would be so difficult to get a decent tone out of a guitar! I thought it already sounded pretty decent when I've been strumming away... now I have a new level of respect for sound engineers!

There's just no end for tweaking... and playing flawlessly has a new meaning now. smile.gif

Well, it's a start. Really short one, 0:30 min..

** EDIT **

Right, right, here's the mp3 -encoded version. smile.gif Didn't know there's people without ogg codecs... tongue.gif
Attached File  Henkka_1st_rec.mp3 ( 366.11K ) Number of downloads: 320

18 Jan 2008

My name is Henri and I'm from Finland. That's right, the land where polar bears stroll.

I Work in the field of IT/web dev., and at the moment I pretty much don't have any other hobbies besides playing guitar. smile.gif

Actually It's a funny thing, when I was younger I played a lot for few years. I was in my school's "music class", and we performed in our school's events and concerts etc. It was fun and playing with friends for a hour in the middle of a long school day was a superb stress reliever. Though I hated the performing part, propably because I wasn't that good after all. We played Stairway to heaven as our last song in our "graduation" concert. I'll never forget that glorious day... it was the day I laid down my guitar. My performance on the stage was horrible, and because of this the stress reliever had become the biggest source if the stress itself... so I decided never to touch the guitar again.

~6 years later, a bit wiser, not a bit smarter (definately lazier...), I picked up my old guitar for some recollection (this was few months ago)... and I've been on that road ever since. And I've had so much fun. smile.gif

I even bought a new guitar, black Ibanez rg321, and I just love it... but gear doesn't make me any better player so I signed up! wink.gif

Top bands at the moment: Dream theater, Between the buried and me, Symphony X, Devin Townsend, Sonata Arctica ... but when it comes to playing, everything goes.

So here's my humble introduction thread, I hope you can help me become a better player and I can help you become better ... in something. smile.gif




OH I totally forgot something! I have this huge issue while playing ... when I'm playing, I tend to bite my teeth together really hard! It hurts! Any tips for fixing this?? biggrin.gif
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happy birthday Henkka wish you the best
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Henry Dietzel
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Suomalaiset rokkaa!!!
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