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10 Mar 2009
I just found these versions by Hayseed Dixie of a couple of classic rock songs on the tube.
Really put a smile on my face. laugh.gif

Seems to me the boys can play pretty well.
3 May 2008
Is there a big difference between guitar and bass compressors? And if so, what differs?

The reason I ask is that I have a Ibanez BP10 stomper that I don't use much at the moment, and I've been thinking about adding a compressor to my pedalboard (for guitar). The BP10 has three knobs, for Attack, Sustain and Level. Could I use that one with good result or should I look for something made specifically for guitars? I use my pedal baord mainly for gigs and rehersals.
26 Jan 2008
Just stumbled over this video on YouTube when I was searching around a bit. I've never heard of John Lardieri before, but I really think he's doing some amazing guitar playing here:

John Lardieri - "When doves cry"

The point is, the way he plays this song is kinda in line with what I'm aiming for with my play style at the moment.
So, if anyone has suggestions to lessons here at GMC that would help me achieve that, I'd appreciate any hints. smile.gif

Off course I'm looking around myself as well, but it's a lot of great lessons here and I guess it takes a while before I get them sorted out enough to find the ones i want to start with.

I hope you enjoy this vid as much as I did. wink.gif
24 Jan 2008
Hello everyone!

My name is Jens, I’m closing in to 39 years beneath the sun, and with regards to where I live (south of Stockholm , Sweden) I’ve probably seen as much of the moon. Not a bad thing though, since I kinda like late nights (about as much as I dislike early mornings tongue.gif )

I will talk a little of the title of this thread, but first I’d like to introduce myself properly.

My musical background goes back to the middle of the 80’s when I started to learn to play keyboard. My first experience in a band was behind the keyboard and there was this guitarist who, just as me, was more or less self taught. This made things rather complicated trying to communicate musical ideas as we couldn’t understand each other. Instead of doing what we should have done, study musical theory, we decided it was a good idea that he taught me everything he could about how to play guitar. Ever since, I have come back to playing guitar regularly.

However, the two of us started a new band together with two other friends a couple of years later. We found ourselves in a new dilemma. Three guitar players and a drummer, and no one on bass. Anyone been there? wink.gif All of us was about as (un)skilled as guitarists so we draw straw about who would take on the “burden” of playing the bass. I draw the shortest straw, took up the bass and was like “Wow, THIS is my instrument”. I loved every minute of it, still do, and so I became rather good at it. I’ve been playing everything from pop, indie, R`n´B and funk to heavy rock and metal in different bands as a bassist.

All this time I was also composing, arranging and recording my own songs in my little home built studio with a Roland D20 synthesizer, a drum machine, my beloved bass and a borrowed Ibanez Roadstar II (still miss that one, a lovely guitar it was).

Then came family, kids and work and all that goes with that and my instruments became less and less played until two years ago when I got the opportunity to do a couple of gigs with a semi professional band who needed a bass player. That really set my, by that time, tiny musical sparkle into a roaring flame again! biggrin.gif

About a year ago me, my girlfriend (who also sings in a gospel quire and plays the alt saxophone), and a friend who plays drums started a new band together with his wife, also a singer, and another of my friends on bass. So I found myself picking up the guitar thinking I had what it takes, but I very soon realized that I wanted to play and express a lot more then I was capable of, especially since I’ve always been cheating with the theory.

No more!

I’ve come to the point where I really, really want to learn and develop all the skills I need to be able to play whatever I want, whenever I want to, on my guitars.

I need to go back to the basics when it comes to theory and lead guitar. My rhythm guitar skills are quite solid, but I have no doubt those will increase dramatically as well.

For about half a year now, I’ve been searching for books, DVD-courses and whatnot to help me with this task. I bought a couple of DVD-courses that I found really great and that helps me tremendously with the basics of musical theory and my guitar playing in general. During this time I have been lurking the GMC-forums as well, and I think this place looks awesome for many reasons. So yesterday I decided it is time for me to join in the fray, and hopefully I can contribute a little as well.

The road to Greatness Hood is now open! wink.gif

Now about the title of this thread:
“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they are yours”.

This is something I try to live by in all parts of life.
Why? Because, as long as you think you won’t be able to do something that will most likely be true.
As an example, if you look at a lesson here at GMC and think to your self: “Wow, that’s amazing, but I will never be able to play like that”. Then you are limiting your self and those thoughts will likely hinder you from ever be able to play like that, since you won’t put your soul into even trying properly. So it becomes a truth of sorts.

Please don’t do that.
Don’t argue for your limitations, instead look at what you can accomplish and aim at that.
For a start! smile.gif

I must take the opportunity to send my greatest thanks to Andrew Cockburn for his theory lessons. Great reading, and very, very helpful!

Thank you Andrew!

And to Kris: Yes, I’m ready! Finaly. cool.gif

See you all around and don't let the dogs eat your inspiration...
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