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19 May 2008

in the middle, just after the 1 string tapping line.

I wonder what chords he's tapping there, sounds kind of exotic cool.gif
30 Apr 2008

So I've been trying to learn how to sing and many people preach the 'miracle of the middle voice'. (Roger Love - "Set Your Voice Free", or Brett Manning's "Singing Success").

Basically what it is, is a mixture of head voice with chest. There is no 'break' when you go from chest to head... You know sometimes when you switch and the note is too high for chest and too low for head? Try to switch back and forth [between head and chest for the same note] and you'll get a yodel kinda sound (eeeks).

Now check this video for an example of middle voice:

(mix = middle, belt = chest, legit = head)

From 00:52 you can hear a demonstration where he goes from chest, than in middle. It's smooth and cool laugh.gif

So if any of you know how to do this stuff, I would like to know...
24 Mar 2008
Hello Muris!

I know you're quite amazing when it comes to PG type of stuff. So I'm asking you for help on this particular lick. My problem is fingering at one precise spot.

As you can see the note is an F#, played on the G string. I wonder what finger should I play it with... Currently I play the note with my middle finger, it's not terribly practical but it's the only option I came up with.

Here's a video where he plays it, it's too fast for me too see what's happening sad.gif (roughly at 1:00 mark)

Thanks much.
5 Mar 2008
Hello guys!

Didn't know where to put this. It doesn't really fit in the 'off-topic' discussions since it's about guitar, but anyways here's the link:

In short:

People gathering around the 'guru' - Mattias, in Sweden, for 6 days non-stop guitar related activity (practicing, clinic type of stuff, jamming, recording).

I just discovered this a few minutes ago and considering to go there, gonna check the prices for the airplane. laugh.gif Thinking that you guys would like the concept!

24 Jan 2008
Hello Gabriel! First of all I want to thank you for this nice lesson. I have started practicing it and I really love it, but there is one spot where I got a problem and want to ask you for tips.

That is the stretch you are doing from fifth to third fret. When I attempt to do it while playing, my pinky hurts and I feel the whole wrist has a bad tension. sad.gif I've watched the video many times to have the hand placed as precised as I could, but that way I feel tension. I have to hold guitar like classical one to manage the stretch. Maybe you could give me any helpful tip(s) how to improve my stretch not hurting the hand itself (yeah im pretty weak in stretches).

Overall the lesson is great! I can play any other parts at 95bpm with no problem. I'm already playing it over and over again.

Thanks in advance.

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